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Over the past couple of centuries, America has been a melting pot of cultures.
As a result, it's hard for many to pinpoint what "American food" really is. Thanks to some pretty cool users on Reddit, a thread was created by non-americans to describe what American food really is.
Based on the responses, many people think the quality of American food is pretty low and harmful to your body.
Some of the highlighted answers were: Root beer, sloppy joes, pop tarts and meatloaf.

What do you think? Are we really a nation defined by our cheap meat and deep-fried confections?

But it is sad @christianmordi that people don't know how amazing and creative regional American cuisine is, until they come to visit & move beyond fast food...or an expat opens a resto abroad...
Sloppy Joes are a fabulous combination of saucy ground beef and sauteed chopped onions and green peppers, served on a soft hamburger bun, with potato chips on the side. You have to eat it fast or it will fall off of the bun and onto your plate...or shirt
What are sloppy Joes and pop tarts?