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Summary: Not your typical flower shop AU.

Members: Chanyeol x Reader (Babydoll)

Type: Action, Fluff, Angst

Length: 1,465 words

There was the raw and spluttering cough that echoed through the dark basement, the pitiful belching noise coming from a shaking figure that was carelessly discarded on the dirty floor. If his appearance wasn’t covered in dirt and bruises, you would have mistaken him for a ghost due to how deathly white he was. His hands were shaking as his body heaved with coughs, and his pale skin was pulled taunt over his skull as his eyes blinked back tears and attempted to focus on the debris located in front of him. He was surrounded by smears of dried blood and dirt, the scene looking like a painting from a disturbed child’s mind; the ruby colored handprints only reinforcing the idea. His throat screamed for a glass of water, and his tongue felt like sandpaper as he attempted to calm his aching chest, and the male was barely able to roll back onto his back and take a few shaky breaths to steady his racing heart. His head felt dizzy from how hard he was heaving, and this only caused him to realize how bad his condition was getting due to being neglected for at least a couple of days. Chanyeol had gotten shot right in his shoulder, the bullet barely grazing his shoulderblade however causing a severe amount of blood to be lost in the process. It definitely wasn’t going to kill him if he stopped the bleeding, which he was attempting to do, however an infection and getting sick would certainly erase all his chances of survival. He didn’t remember much after getting taken out by the gun, however he certainly remembered Jin dragging you away as you revealed that you were the one who had called BTS in the first place. He honestly couldn’t blame you too much due to the fact you were in such a difficult situation, however it definitely stung that you trusted them over him and you both became victims in the end. He was soon taken away as well, and in the car ride he had passed out multiple times before waking up in the dingy cellar he was trapped in now. Due to the fact it was almost pitch black (save for a bleak bulb on the ceiling) and there was an absence of windows, he was unable to keep track of time. It also didn’t help that he slipped in and out of consciousness, preventing him from keeping a tally of how many hours had passed. He had been in some sticky situations before, but he had to admit that he was a mess. His captors slipped him a bottle of water and one meal a day, and usually neither were full or complete or tasting very good. He usually used up most of his water to clean out the gaping hole in his shoulder, and the lack of drinking it was what caused his body to dehydrate so badly. It also didn’t help that fall was beginning its transition into winter and the cellar was freezing a good portion of the time, his sweater and his pants weren’t going to keep him warm for much longer. They didn’t have the decency to give him a bed, blankets, or a pillow, so he was forced to lay on the ground and hope that his body would be able to fight off the oncoming cold despite how weak it was already. He had tried standing a few times before, but it ended up with him crumbling back to the ground and taking a few desperate minutes to catch his breath. He was waiting for the torture to begin, he had mentally prepared himself for the slicing and burning and multiple questions that would be asked, however they hadn’t come yet. That left him wondering whether or not this was the torture BTS was instilling in him, forcing him to stay isolated with his thoughts always wandering back to you.Oh Babydoll. His poor Babydoll. His gaze softened at the thought of you, and he began to worry excessively about whether or not you were okay despite the fact he could very much be on the brink of death. He could tell just by the way Jin was shoving you around that he wasn’t very keen on being gentle to you, and he could only hope with all of his heart that something good happened. He violently wished that the other members of EXO had realized something was off and came to step in, but luck really wasn’t on his side at that time and place. Had luck every really been on his side in the first place? He had finally found you again after all these years, and yet you had slipped through his fingers just like that. All these sudden and serious ideas coursing throughout his mind caused a dull ache to appear at the base of his cranium, and he sighed while closing his eyes and hoping that sleep could possibly help his health. He dreamed that you two were in a garden full of healthy and beautiful flowers, and although it was a short visual, it made him realize that things weren’t so bleak anymore.- The smacking noise of your raw fist connecting with the punching bag sent a rift of satisfaction down your spine, but you didn’t stop there as you continued to throw heavy punches into the rough fabric. Sweat was coursing down your face and your muscles were sore beyond belief, however you couldn’t care for your own health at that time, your determination to save Chanyeol soared way above the pain. Music blasted through the training area as you continued to work and work, listening to the commands of Tao as he instructed you on how to hit at different angles and how to really hurt someone’s facial structure. Ever since you had returned from your small trip with Kyungsoo a few days ago, you had begun to train immediately with different members of the gang. You had taken all of them by surprise and storm due to how committed and serious you were about getting Chanyeol back, and they all refused to get in your way and instead jumped in to help you better your fighting skills. Kyungsoo really educated you along with Suho about certain tips and tricks to get a hang of the mafia life, Tao, Sehun, and Kai were mainly focused on sparring and building up your physique, Lay and Xiumin were committed to teaching you about how to heal yourself if you were put in a situation where your health was at stake but you didn’t have any supplies, Baekhyun and Chen lent you their knowledge of hiding yourself and slipping in and out of tricky places, and Kris taught you battle techniques and some codes they had as well as weapons. You were fitting in nicely with the boys, and you honestly found yourself considering them to be something like a family to you. They took care of you, they looked after you like you were one of their own, and they really trusted you and wanted to add you to their team. Suho had personally thanked you and exclaimed how happy he was to finally have a girl with them, and he told you to tell him whenever the boys came to be too much. Tao, Sehun, and Kai seemed to be more like good friends due to the fact you guys were the closest in age and they loved to treat you like their little sister. Kris seemed to be much more protective of you due to the fact he knew how rough the other members could be and he didn’t want Chanyeol barking up his tree about how you were treated. You were learning very quickly and he had recently alerted you that soon enough, you would be on your mission. Speaking of Chanyeol, you had moved to stay in his room and sleep there before getting up at the crack of dawn to continue training. You weren’t sure why you felt so compelled to do so, but it reminded you everyday what you were working so hard to achieve. You had a history of practicing taekwondo, and that was definitely helping you to learn quickly and more easily, however it still wasn’t easy work. It helped to see pictures of him and imagine that he was right next to you because you still hadn’t accepted the fact that he could potentially be dead. You stumbled across a journal that he kept of song lyrics, and you covered your mouth as you read the beautifully written sentences and attempted to keep the tears back. You found his guitar and keyboard, and it made you realize not only that you missed him more than words could express, but he was such a stunning human being outside of his job. EXO didn’t just lose a member, they lost their brother.You were ready to infiltrate the base of BTS. Hang in there just a little longer Chanyeol, I’m on my way.
Part 10 for all you amazing people!!!

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