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Summary: Not your typical flower shop AU.

Members: Chanyeol x Reader (Babydoll)

Type: Action, Fluff, Angst

Length: 5,261 words

You slowly stirred from your sleep and furrowed your eyebrows in the realization that the sun was pouring through your window and almost blinding you with the bright beams. You squinted enough to notice that you were in your old bedroom from the farmhouse, however the layout was situated completely differently and you barely recognized certain pieces of furniture and belongings. It felt warm and you realized that the windows were open, the shimmering curtains lazily floating as a refreshing breeze passed by and reminded you of summer afternoons. You hesitantly swung your legs over the side of the mattress and rubbed at your eyes with your closed fist, attempting to rub the sleep out of them as you began to stretch slowly but paused when you heard something. You froze in your position and waited in silence for the noise to occur again, and after a few seconds, you realized that someone was calling for you.You were even more confused as you moved from your position on the bed to stand up and slowly approach the door, your heart beating a little quicker at the idea of someone else being inside the house. Another reason why you were being slightly cautious was the fact that at first, you couldn’t make out who the voice belonged to and yet they knew your name. You reached the frame of the door and held onto the knob, waiting again for whoever it was to call you once more and your stomach dropped when it happened again. The voice was a lot more clear this time and from the affectionate tone to the deep and silky vocal chords, you could easily recognize that it was Chanyeol. You gasped and instantly launched yourself in the direction of where it was coming from, eagerly calling his name as well as you looked around intensely for his familiar form. You reached the kitchen and continued to scream for him, the desperation etched into your facial features merely reflecting how much you wanted to see him again. Your shaking hands knocked on closets and threw open cabinets, continuing to search endlessly despite the fact it was clear there wasn’t a single trace of your retired bodyguard lingering in the room. You were about to check underneath the table cloth when you paused and felt the most raw and chilling feeling of ice forming in the pit of your stomach. You felt frozen in your tracks, and you couldn’t bring yourself to turn around because you knew there was someone there. Someone unwanted. You had trouble breathing properly as your fingers dug themselves into the fabric of the cloth and you felt as though you were in a trance as you very slowly turned to look up at a mirror in front of you on the wall. It had suddenly gotten very dark and cold in the room, but you didn’t notice because your surroundings were drowned out by the fear eating at you from the inside. Your eyes finally that you could see who was behind you. You felt a scream building up at the base of your throat, and you released it when you saw black entity in the reflection. You were so terrified that you didn’t get a thorough look, but just a glance told you that they were practically a black orb with the outline of long and skinny fingers that looked like knives and a top hat resting proudly on its head. You immediately woke up and rose to a sitting position in bed, your heart practically beating out of your chest as you attempted to calm your rapid breathing and relax once more. You noticed that your forehead was drenched in sweat and you had kicked the blankets off due to the terror possessing your body, and despite how thrilled you were that you had awaken, the memories of what you saw haunted you. You clutched at your shirt as observed your surroundings, almost wishing that you could tiptoe over to Kyungsoo’s room and ask him to search your room for anyone that resembled The Boogeyman that had appeared in your subconscious. After taking a few minutes to calm yourself down, you then realized that today was the day you were going to go and find Chanyeol at the headquarters of none other than BTS. It was around 4 in the morning and you were all going to meet up at 6 to discuss the plan once more, so you had some time to kill but you definitely weren’t going to go back to sleep only to be tormented once more by your anxiety. You sat in bed for around a half hour, not thinking about anything, just attempting to breathe, and then you decided to get up and get ready despite the fact that only 5 was approaching. Once you changed yourself into black jeans and a black jacket, you slowly packed your gun onto your belt and took a long look into the mirror, thankful that there wasn’t a Boogeyman behind you this time. Your fingers slowly touched your hair and face, memorizing every detail because this could possibly be the last time that you saw yourself. Going to save Chanyeol was going to be dangerous beyond words, and you wouldn’t be surprised if you happened to get injured along the way. But strangely, you didn’t cry or feel upset. You were doing the right thing, and even if it cost you your life, you were going to do it.You closed the door to Chanyeol’s room and held your head up high, staying confident that you and him were soon going to return.- You sat in the meeting room for a good amount of time, barely touching your cup of black coffee as each and every member of EXO slowly trickled in and assumed their spot at the large table. Although you all greeted one another briefly, silence mostly consumed the inhabitants of the room due to the fact you were all in the same mindset - you all were under the impression that today could be the last and there was no sugarcoating it. There was no small talk or giggling, asking about how one another slept because that wasn’t going to save anyone from the fate awaiting them. It was dead quiet until Kris strolled in and began the discussion by explaining everyone’s role and what Suho and him had decided on. First off, Baekhyun had been able to recreate some facemasks that members of the gang had worn on occasion, and that was to help hide everyone’s identity on the team. Due to the fact some of the members had clashed with others from BTS, Baekhyun had requested that they take back the facemask so he could make an identical replica for the members of EXO to wear when they were infiltrating. After Baekhyun helped with choosing the outfits and blending in, he was assigned the getaway car due to the fact his combat skills were good, but not exceptional enough to enter the hideaway. Chen was a healer and he was also good at planning and navigation, so he was going to be in the van with Baekhyun. His role was to not only find a place to hide as well as the most secretive route to the location, however he was also going to help to mend any injuries when they were (hopefully) driving back to EXO’s headquarters. Luhan and Xiumin had one of the biggest roles, and they were going to be planting all sorts of bombs throughout the building that would all go off at the same time. They had infiltrated the base before and had been able to sketch an interior layout, drawing circles where they would be visiting and also where the security cameras were so that they could disable them. The only problem with this plan was the fact that the team only had 3 hours to find Chanyeol and get as far away as possible, however the fact that you were all permanently going to get rid of the BTS gang gave you all enough strength to follow with the plan. The fact that the head of them experimented on innocent children after ending their parent’s lives was enough motivation for everyone. Kai was going to be with the 2, protecting them with a gun and taking out the security cameras as the pair did their job. He was going to be covering their backs. Suho had the last job outside of the mission, and that was to make sure that everything was going according to plan. He was not only going to travel throughout the entire building to check with Xiumin, Luhan, and Kai, but he was also going to be checking on the main team whose job was to actually find Chanyeol. Kris was going to be bringing the team into battle due to his excellent fighting skills as well as his leadership qualities. Lay was also a part of the formation, and he was the top medical member who would hang behind the rest and be there to mend any injuries along the way. You were a part of the team due to your determination to find Chanyeol and the fact that you were tied into this whole mission because of your father, and although most of the members doubted it, they hoped that your father would have some sort of a soft spot for you despite all the harm he brought onto you. Tao and Sehun were very young, but their combat skills were incredible and they were going to be helpful, and lastly, Kyungsoo was going to join as well for the same reason. After refreshing all of you with this information, Kris asked whether or not anyone had any questions, and when finding the room to be quiet once more, you all began to make the journey outside to the awaiting van. Although Sehun had a pokerface, you could tell how nervous he was because of how his hands were shaking and the fact his breath was coming out in short bursts. You slowly reached over to take his hand and smile weakly, hoping to give him some reassurance, fully aware of the fact this was his first mission. He looked up in surprise and smiled back at you, and before you knew it, you were all loaded in and Chen began to drive the car. Luhan had not only done a rather full inspection of the interior of the building, but he had also set aside an opening for all of you in one of the loading docks which would be where you guys would enter and begin your difficult task. The car drive felt like it was only a matter of minutes, and you couldn’t believe it when the dark building finally came into view. You couldn’t comprehend the fact that you and the other members were quickly and quietly getting out of the car, you felt as though your mind had gone into auto-drive and you were merely following the back in front of you. Chen and Baekhyun softly wished the others members good luck and a heavy goodbye, promising that they would wait as long as possible, knowing that they would be forced to drive away 15 minutes before 3 hours were up, the van full of the members or not. The tires made squelching noises on the gravel as the vehicle drove away and you all began to use the secret and small entrance to get inside, and you were a bit astonished when you all made it and took a look around. You were honestly expecting it to rather small and run-down, however you were all in a very large room consisting of lights and different kinds of broken furniture. 3 legged chairs, upside down couches, broken glass, and other useless items decorated the ground and everyone had to be careful when walking forward and following Luhan to where the entrance of other rooms happened to be. You all finally reached a door, and inside were two more doors, and it didn’t take a genius to figure out that now would be the time to separate.Luhan took a deep breath and pointed to the one on the right, “You guys will go through there and search all the floors, they’re definitely going to be holding him in the basement because the upper floors are where they’re keeping their weapons and sleeping quarters. Make sure to go down from there, got it? This is a retired warehouse so all the rooms are big and loaded with all sorts of things. Be careful, I’ll walkie when we’ve set up the first bomb.” Kris nodded his head and placed his hand on Luhan’s shoulder, giving a reassuring squeeze as he looked at Suho, Xiumin, and Kai right in the eyes and told them good luck and that they would be in touch. And just like that, the 4 were gone, moving through the door on the left and Kris turned around to do the same with you all. He mentioned that he was proud of every single one of you and that if anything happened, it was a pleasure working with them. He advised all the members to be on their guard at all times, and to have their weapons ready. Just like that, you all walked through the door on the right and the race to beat the clock and find Chanyeol had begun. The 7th floor was almost the same as the room before due to the fact it was large and rather empty, only consisting of a few bookshelves loaded with old and dusty books. The floor and the walls were all painted white, and as you all began to carefully explore, you noted that for some strange reason, there were no windows in this particular room. You remembered there being a ton in the first room, and yet here it was the opposite. You didn’t see it as that much of a big deal though, merely walking alongside Tao and Kyungsoo to investigate further. You three decided to look into the library portion of the room, running your fingers over the slim spines of all the books as you contemplated why they all happened to be there in the first place. The other members of the team had gone to the other side to also investigate, and that’s when you noticed someone else in the library that couldn’t be one of the members. He stopped dead in his tracks to stare at you, and you began to back away, hitting Tao in this chest to get his attention which also resulted in Kyungsoo to look over with a confused expression dominating his features. You all began to move backwards, simply wanting to be able to get out of the library portion due to the fact you all wanted to stay together and a stranger could put a hole in that easily. The other person didn’t seem to be much of a threat though, due to the fact he was calmly walking towards you, his arms loosely by his sides and refusing to load up a weapon and aim. By the time you guys were quickly going back towards Kris and his group, a voice commanded you to stop and you turned to finally see who the man was. His eyes seemed to be slightly lined and dark and they looked amused if anything. His hair resembled a dark tone of purple and it nicely framed his small face, and you couldn’t help but notice his strong resemblance to Baekhyun. His smile was wide and pointy, and as it tugged at his lips and stretched across his face, his eyes squinted slightly and you felt more on guard than you had ever been as he began to speak in a rather deep voice.“Wow, EXO - huh? Send regards from V to my friend BBH, we used to be real tight.” Neither you or the other members said a word, however Kyungsoo cocked his gun into place and raised it, his gaze even more threatening than the weapon he was pointing at the enemy. The man laughed softly and raised his hands in defense, scrunching his nose ever so slightly in distaste as he gently warned the man not to push his buttons. Kyungsoo remained in position and very softly told you two to begin walking backwards, which you began to do, attempting to get as close to Kris as you could, despite the fact he was very far away and probably having no idea what was going. V laughed once more and sighed, tsking ever so softly as he mumbled that he merely came here to read and yet now he was going to have to actually do something. With one hand raised, V’s hand slipped into his back pocket as he pulled out a gas mask and pointed up at the ceiling to reveal shower heads everywhere, and Kyungsoo lowered his weapon in the realization that you all needed to get out of this room as soon as possible. V’s face was quickly covered and in a matter of milli-seconds, you were all running in the direction of Kris and his group as the BTS member cackled while pressing a button on a remote. The only good thing about the entire set-up was the fact that the shower heads released gas one at a time, so V was first covered with pink clouds and it only began to approach your running figures instead of covering you fully all at once. However, you were all running extremely fast and you realized how quick the gas actually was, you could begin to smell it and realize how toxic it actually was. Tao screamed for Kris and a wave of relief hit you when you noticed him in the distance, looking up in confusion and then understanding the dangerous situation. His deep and loud voice yelled for all the members, and soon enough, they all expertly assembled and began to run in the direction you all going in, simply hoping that there happened to be a way out. They were still a great distance away, however you wished that with the short amount of time they had they could figure something out. Tao’s long legs came heavily in handy as he grabbed your hand and yanked you forward, barely catching you when you stumbled and forcing you to continue running. It you had fell, you would have been swallowed from the deadly fog and easily drowned in minutes. Kyungsoo was by your side as well, and despite the fact you began to see pink out of the corner of your eyes, none of you ceased to sprint forward. You almost felt tears of relief forming on your lower lashes when you saw the other members disappearing outside of a metal door, and Kris held the door open for you as you all made the final dash and jumped inside. Kris immediately slammed the door and you three were left on the ground, gasping for breath and realizing how close you had come to losing your lives. It was then that Luhan used the Walkie-Talkie to signal that they had finished with the first bomb.Level 7 - Cleared. Going down a floor led you to what looked like some sort of dungeon or torture chamber, and you immediately gasped and covered your mouth at the terrifying contraptions lying about. Your heart squeezed in the realization that Chanyeol could have easily been put through something as terrible as this, and the fact that this entire mission could really be pointless afterwards. You shook your head to rid your mind of the awful thoughts, and you were surprised when suddenly someone took your hand and gave it a gentle squeeze. You looked up and felt a warmth enter your heart at the sight of Sehun smiling at you in encouragement, slowly leaning over to tell you that everything would be okay and that resulted in you to smile back at him. You were glad that he was doing well on his first ever mission. You honestly don’t know how it happened, however there was a suddenly ringing and rushing noise, and without even knowing it, you saw that Kris had brought out his Chinese Sabre. He held the sword up, and a clanging noise was brought to your attention as you looked down to find that a knife had dropped and soon enough, clapping filled the room and you looked up to notice someone you had seen a month and a half ago. He was one of the men from the flower shop, the one with half a shaved head and blonde hair and you hadn’t realized he had thrown a knife at you all. Kris seemed calm as he slowly lowered his weapon and stared with unamused eyes, ignoring the applause as the stranger chuckled and quirked an eyebrow.“I’m impressed, I didn’t think you would notice.” The room was filled with silence, and yet he continued the conversation.“You seem like someone with authority, You must be some sort of guide right? This is going to be interesting because I’m also the Leader here.” Kris’ facial expression refused to change as he turned around and told the group to leave without him, and you were the first to object to his wishes. You couldn’t even imagine the thought of him going through any of the severly painful practices in front of you all, yet he ignored you and merely repeated to tell you all to go on. Your face conveyed how heartbroken you were, and the others nodded and thanked him while moving along, yet you stay rooted to the ground as you stared at him with glossy eyes. You’ll never forget this moment because it was the first time you had ever seen Kris smile at you, and he insisted that you would all go home together with Chanyeol and that he would seriously be okay. You sniffled slightly and nodded your head, smiling back at him before wishing him good luck and following the rest of the group.Level 6 - Cleared“I am not real or concrete, and yet I stalk you and watch while you sleep.I visit the household of every girl and boy, and eagerly gobble up their giggles and joy.You can’t get rid of me, even if you close your eyes. I’ll be lurking in the shadows until you die.”“Who am I?” You were currently down another level, and yet the same thing happened after investigating, you all stumbled across another member. His face was covered with broad grins and smiles as he promised you all a chance to get off, and you could tell just from his expression and the way he was acting that he seemed to a joker. He had a pill in front of him and he mentioned that if you got it wrong, you were going to eat it and obviously die. But if you got it right, he would ingest it and you would all be able to go downstairs. The idea that he was putting his entire reputation on the line just to test you with a riddle proved just how ridiculous he was being, and hoped that this riddle was difficult enough to not cause you to feel pity for him yet easy enough to solve. He was rather relaxed, sitting back in an arm chair as he watched you all with entertainment written all over his face. The other members seemed to be stumped by the question, having no idea what he was trying to get at. It wasn’t entirely a riddle, it was more of poem that you all had to decipher. Your eyebrows furrowed together slightly as you suddenly spoke up, alarming the boys due to the fact it the first time you had spoken, and you simply said, “The Boogey-Man.” You weren’t sure what suddenly gripped you to answer the riddle, however the male in front of you merely smiled widely and let out a high pitched laugh, gesturing towards the door that led downstairs, and all the other members looked amazed as they merely followed you. You continued to look behind you, wondering if the man looked back or was going to try and hurt you, yet as the door was closing, you noticed his hand fall and you realized he must have died, he almost seemed out of hope.Level 5 - Cleared The next room, he was shot in a matter of seconds. You had all entered and the sound of a whoosh could be heard before Lay gasped and fell to the ground. Within seconds, Kyungsoo whipped out his gun and shot multiple times into the darkness, his judgement of aim coming from where the sudden arrow came out of. You heard a slump and a dripping noise, and soon enough, you stumbled across a body. It was a man who had orange-like hair and despite how muscular and built his frame was, he seemed to look rather friendly and inviting. His name tag revealed that his name was Jimin. You had your gun out to check if he was alive again, yet he wasn’t moving so you relaxed and put your weapon back in your holster, instead running over to check whether or not Lay was okay. He was lucky in the sense that he had attempted to dodge the arrow and the tip ended up hitting the outside of his arm instead, which was much better than it first destination, which happened to be his heart. He was breathing deeply as he shook his head and told you guys to go on without him, they didn’t have the time to stop and worry about his health. He would be able to easily remove the poison and cure himself in the allotted time, however you guys didn’t have the time to wait for him to finish. Tao seemed especially concerned as he crouched next to the male and seemed torn between going to find Chanyeol and staying behind to help Lay, however the older member had always been extremely selfless and encouraged the boy to continue on.Level 4 - Cleared It had been an hour and a half and you guys still hadn’t found Chanyeol, yet that didn’t stop you from continuing on with the hopes you would stumble across him eventually. The next floor was rather dark and empty, no pieces of furniture could be spotted yet there were a ton of shadows and everyone became cautious at the idea of someone lurking, and you couldn’t help but be brought back to the idea of The Boogey-man. It was when you heard the slice of a sword and a gasp of shock that you jumped in fright and turned to see that someone had appeared and cut right into Sehun’s arm. You screamed and immediately reached for your gun, yet Tao was faster and he used his sai swords to cause the opponent to back off. You went over to immediately help the youngest, but he took a few deep breaths and told you that he was okay and that he would be fine staying behind with Tao to help. You and Kyungsoo were certainly not okay with this, and you both insisted that he wasn’t going to be left behind as you two held your guns up and aimed at the man who stood on guard. Sehun seemed to be standing his ground though, as he firmly insisted and promised that after they were done here, they were going to go back to find Lay, who would be able to heal any of their injuries. You bit down on your lip and quickly embraced the maknae, being mindful of his arm and telling him to be extra careful, delivering the same message to Tao. You couldn’t believe you were both leaving behind the youngest members, however he was right, it had to be done if you were to find Chanyeol and finish the mission. After you had left with Kyungsoo, Tao demanded to know the name of whoever happened to be fighting them, and he smirked as he revealed his identity to be “Jungkook”. Tao simply cracked his fingers as the two began to get started, and Sehun would help by throwing a few knives here and then and shooting some bullets. Sehun was all out of bullets and he was beginning to slouch due to how much blood he had lost and how dizzy he was, and he weakly called for Tao to attempt to tell him this. Due to the fact the room was so dark, Tao ended up tripping on an object and he cursed when falling backwards. Jungkook grinned maniacally as he slashed away Tao’s weapons and was about to stab the victim in front of him, raising the sword right over his chest when at least 6 gun shots rang throughout the room and the maknae of BTS collapsed. Suho slammed the door and refused to put down his weapon until he could visibly see that Jungkook was no more, and afterwards he rushed to the maknae’s sides to assess the damage that had been done, immediately helping to stop Sehun’s bleeding. There wasn’t much time left and he had ordered some of the members to retreat already, so he could only place his hope on Babydoll and Kyungsoo and find them to help.Level 3 - Cleared You and Kyungsoo were rushing as this point, needing to get to your destination as fast as possible, but you almost stopped when you noticed someone with a mop of red hair getting into an elevator lift that would surely lead upstairs. He turned around and grinned at you two, waving teasingly despite the fact he wasn’t threatening either of you with a weapon. Kyungsoo rushed forward without thinking, and the man laughed insanely when the EXO member suddenly stopped and his shoulders slumped. He merely continued going up and disappeared out of sight, which caused you to hurry towards your friend, but he held up a hand and screamed at you to stop. You jumped and immediately obeyed, shocked that such a soft-spoken and level headed male could do such a thing. You slowly asked what was wrong, attempting to see why he had stopped and prevented you from moving. Kyungsoo slowly looked up and bit at his bottom lip to keep his voice from quaking.“It’s a mine field, I stepped on one.” You felt your entire world crash at this point, and you shook your head as you looked at his feet and noticed that there was indeed a circular bomb, just waiting for him to get off. No wonder the BTS member had gotten away so fast. You didn’t know what to say or do, but Kyungsoo took a deep breath and cleared his throat, insisting that you finish this off and go on because he was obviously not going anywhere until the three hours were up. It was at this point, you felt the tears cascading down your face as you shook your head and insisted that he wasn’t going to die like this, but Kyungsoo softly told you to avoid the area he was in and very carefully look where you were walking. You felt like you couldn’t say anything other than that you were sorry and you loved him like an older brother, and he smiled at you as he watched you leave. You told him that you were going to come back for him, and you both knew that wasn’t going to happen.Level 2 - Cleared You finally reached the basement, and you were almost shaking as you entered the freezing basement and eagerly looked around until you found a body.You screamed when you came across him.
This is the last update so far. She said she is writing about 4 more chapters and then end it..

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