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Part 1 Part 3 ~~ intro ~~ I am happy that I said yes. I have never felt so calm doing makeup before. Leo has the sweetest eyes ever *sigh* but I have to stay professional. I just wish that this would happen everyday. ~~ later that day ~~ Soo-Wan: I noticed that you and Leo had some chemestry at the makeup chair! You: There was nothing! I am just super professional but just wondering can I help out next time? Soo-Wan: Of course since you are "just wondering". ~~ Leo pov ~~ She was so gentle and caring even for a makeup person, they usually pat my skin until it is is sore. I hope that she doesn't think I was being strange. Her face was just so pure and peaceful and focussed. Ugh why am I thinking about her? Like Soo-Wan said she is just a fill in for today have I lost my only chance? Why can't I be more open and friendly. Maybe she will ask about me again, after all she was wearing a VIXX shirt. Please God give me just one more chance with her, I just know that it will be worth it. ~~ your pov ~~ Please God just one more shot. I know I messed up by just being silent, but there was something about him today that isn't there in videos or in pictures. I want--no I NEED to see him again. both: PLEASE! * I know this is super short but my computer crashed so I tried my best *
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