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Summary: What happens when you are only left with the memories?

Members: Kai x Reader (appearance by Kyungsoo)

Type: Angst/Fluff/ Sad

Length: 1,568 Words

You sat in the coffee shop, waiting on your name to be called. You stared at the clock and realized you were going to be late to your date. You knew it was stupid to agree to a date so early in the morning, but TC needed to get to his job later that afternoon. You thought about the boy you had agreed to go on the date with. He was pretty cute, and decently funny, but not really your type. You had only agreed because of all the pressuring from your friends and his insistent nagging. You were distracted thinking about the date that you were beginning to dread. You suddenly heard your name being called and let out a sigh as relief as you grabbed the warm to-go cup. You were turning towards the door when you realized how crowded the place suddenly got. What the hell? You asked yourself as you pushed through the throng of excited girls. The crowd was starting to pile closer to the door and you felt yourself losing your footing. Out of nowhere, you felt someone push you and you went flying towards the ground, spilling your tea in the process. You felt the crowd suddenly disperse around you. You looked up and saw a beautiful moan in front of you. His brown hair matched his breath-taking eyes and his tan skin. “Are you okay?” He asked as he reached out for you. You took his hand and gave him a shy smile. “I’m Jongin.” He introduced himself as he shot you a killer smile. You felt your breath catch in your throat. “I’m (Y/N).” You responded and shook his hand a bit awkwardly. He looked down at the tea stain on your shirt and chuckled. “Again, I’m sorry about that. Do you think I could buy you another one?” He asked as he started heading towards the counter. You looked at the clock again. You should have been going for your date, but something about this guy made you want to forget about the rest of the world. You followed him and told him what you had ordered. It wasn’t until later that morning that you found out just who he was. You couldn’t help but feel special that out of all the girls in the world, he chose to have tea with you and even gave you his number. When is the right time to call an idol? You questioned as you stared at the phone in your hand. You had dialed and deleted the number several times, too nervous to actually send the call. You had also given him your number, so maybe you should just wait for him to call you. No, you need to make the first move. You decided as your fingers pressed the keys again. You listened as the phone rang, once, twice, three times but no answer. You hung up quickly, not able to handle the wait any longer. You glanced at yourself in the mirror across the room. Who were you kidding? Why would a guy like Jongin, like KAI ever want to talk to a girl like you anyways? You threw your phone onto to the bed and left to go get dressed for bed.When you got out of the bathroom, you saw that you had a missed call. You looked that number a few times before realizing who it belonged to. Without a second thought, you redialed it. The busy tone rang in your ear. Ah, he’s on the line with someone else. Probably another girl he met. Or maybe he dialed my number accidentally and is now talking to the right person. You said to yourself as you tried to make rational sense of the situation. You placed your phone down on the table and turned on your laptop. Just as you were starting to go through your emails, you heard the chime of your phone. You quickly picked it up, “Hello?” You breathed into the receiver; almost out of breath from nervousness. “Hi, is this (Y/N)? This is Jongin, from the coffee shop…” You heard his voice say from the other end. “Yes this is she. Hi.” You said lamely. That night the two of you talked on the phone for almost three hours straight. Talking to him felt like you were talking to your best friend. Time seemed to freeze and speed up all at the same time. You were in your own little world when you guys were speaking. Nothing could pull you out of your conversation, not even the sound of your doorbell as your take-out food arrived.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------You stared at the coffee shop. It was darker than you remember. The lights seemed… dimmer. You felt your hands shaking as you reached for the door knob. You pushed it open, hearing the sound of the bell chiming overhead. But it wasn’t a normal, cheerful chime. This time it sounded distorted, like the bell was rusting. You stood near the counter, remembering how Kai use to always order for you on the days when you were able to sneak out together, even if only for a few minutes. “Can I have one green tea and one-” You stopped as you realized you were about to place an order for his usual. You felt your hands ball into fists at your sides as you took a deep breath. “Just the green tea.” You whispered to the cashier. She didn’t smile at you, she barely even acknowledge you, save from taking your money. You stood to the side as you waited for your order. Your eyes scanned over the shop, taking in the faded green paint, the dusty shelves, and the grimy tables. As you looked around, your eyes fell on the table that was stuffed into the corner of the shop; away from everything else. It was the table where you and Kai had your first date. Your throat felt like it was tightening up. In the whole shop, that spot was the only one that seemed to retain any color. You slowly walked up to the wooden table and grazed your hand over it. You could almost hear his laughter from that day. The way he had looked at you and only you; despite the place being packed with girls taking pictures of him. “(Y/N)!” You heard a boy call from behind you. You spun around, hoping to see the one person who you needed now more than ever. But you only saw the male staff member holding your cup of tea out to you. You started walking, sipping the tea as you walked. You wanted to be anywhere but home right now. You knew what was waiting for you there. Absolutely nothing. Just an empty, quiet building holding memories of things that you didn’t want to think about. You let your feet guide you, not really paying attention to where you were going. It wasn’t until you were a block away that you realized you were a heading to Kai’s dorm. Your body froze, your blood running cold. Of course I would end up here. This was the only place I liked being when sad. You realized. Maybe this was what Kai was talking about. If it was meant to be, then it would be. Excitement and need coursed through you. You practically ran the last block, banging on their door. All you wanted was to see Kai and apologize for acting so dramatic and not believing him when he said he and that girl were just friends. This was all your fault. You stood outside on the porch, rubbing your hands together as you tried to calm your nerves. Kyungsoo opened the door and stared down at you. “(Y/N)? What are you doing here?” He asked in a quiet voice. He was always such a quiet person. “Is Kai here?” You asked as you tried to look past him, in desperate need to see him. He slowly shook his head. “No, he left a few minutes ago. He said he needed to see someone.” He told you. Your heart sank, automatically thinking about the other girl. You quietly thanked the other boy before retreating away from the dorm building. You had missed him, and there was no getting him back. He was gone and with that girl, and you had lost your only chance. I guess it wasn’t meant to be. You thought as you walked home. You felt your body being hit by passing people as you walked, not really caring or looking at any of them. You simply walked, feeling numb to everything. You finally arrived at your apartment and all you wanted to do was collapse on your bed and forget about the day. Forget about everything. You were close to your apartment door when you saw him. He was curled up outside your door, crying into his arms. Your heart broke at the sight of him and all you wanted to do was run up to him and pull him into your arms; shielding him from the rest of the world. But you couldn’t. You couldn’t move. All you could do was whisper his name. “Kai?” You asked as tears streamed down your cheeks. You weren’t sure if he could hear you, but he did. His head snapped up and you could see the pain in his eyes.

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