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Summary: What happens when you are only left with the memories?

Members: Kai x Reader

Type: Angst/Fluff/ Sad

Length: 1,407 Words

He stared at his phone screen. The picture of the two of you during your one year anniversary dinner stared back at him. He chuckled a little at the memory. The way he had come over, planning the perfect date. He had been so nervous to see you, knowing that you were expecting so much for that evening. He smiled when you opened the door, staring down at the beautiful red dress you wore and how it hugged your curves perfectly. Your hair was curled, framing your face perfectly and making you look even more like an angel than he already thought you were. He loved how you insisted on dressing up even though you would be staying in during your date. He was so stupid that evening. He had stared at you for a good 10 minutes, saying nothing and doing nothing. You had to physically pull him into your apartment to break him out of his reverie.“So, what do you have planned for tonight, my dear?” You asked as you took a seat on the couch. You pulled him down beside you and snuggled into his side as he threw his arm over you. God, she looks so beautiful. He thought to himself as he placed a sweet kiss on the side of your head. He looked at you, his eyes taking in the sight before him. The way your legs folded delicately beneath you, the way your fingers made little patterns on the back of his hands, the way you subconsciously bit your bottom lip when you were thinking. But better than all else, he loved looking at your eyes. The way they looked into his and saw him at his rawest state. Although you called him Kai, you saw him as so much more He was always Jongin to you, and he knew that. He knew he was more than a name to you. He told you how he had rented your favorite movies and brought food from your favorite restaurant. He placed the bags on the coffee table and started emptying them out. He felt bad that he couldn’t actually take you out to the restaurant, but he was thankful that you never showed your disappointment. Around him, you were always cheerful. You never complained, no matter how tough things got. He smiled at you, placing a small kiss on your forehead as he handing you your food. The two of you spent the evening cuddled up close together as you watched the several movies he brought. It wasn’t exactly 11:58 that he pulled out his gift for you. It was a rectangular box and he held it out for you. He held your hand, making sure you didn’t open it until he said you could. “(Y/N), I know it isn’t big or anything, and it isn’t as good as it could be, but I thought you might like it. I’m sorry I’m giving it to you so late at night, but there is a reason for that. This past year has been the greatest year of my life and I want to spend so many more years with you. Because it is almost midnight, I wanted you to open it right before midnight and put it on exactly at 12. I want it to be a gift that has closed the first year of this relationship and started the new year to come.” He explained. You both watched as the minute passed and you opened the gift. It was a beautiful diamond necklace. The chain was a shining gold, making the diamond seem even more pure. Kai delicately picked it up and held it up to you. Your eyes instantly filled with tears as you stared at it. Just as the clock struck 12, he slipped it around your neck and clasped it from behind. “Thank you, Jongin. I will treasure it forever. Just like how I treasure you.” You whispered as you kissed him sweetly. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------Kai felt tears streaming down his cheeks as he shut off the phone screen, staring at the black screen where the image of the two of you had been. His heart was tightening once again. The taste of your lips lingered on his mouth; like a phantom pain of an old injury. He quickly wiped the tears away and placed his phone on his bedside table. Without thinking, he turned and punched the wall. His hand started to sting, but he didn’t care. He felt numb on the inside, and no amount of physical pain would change that. He was about to punch it again when his phone suddenly rang. He quickly grabbed it, hoping that by any slim chance, it would be the one person who he needed now more than ever. “Kai, hey. Your manager wanted me to call and see if you were okay. You missed out ‘date.’” The voice of a girl said form the other end. It took him a few moments to realize it was the voice of the girl who had inadvertently caused this whole mess. He let out a sigh and gave her a lame excuse about needing to take care of some stuff. “Oh, well do you want to reschedule it for another date?” She asked in a chirpy voice that almost drove him crazy. He shook his head, saying nothing as he thought. The only thing he could think about was you. The only person he wanted to go out was you. The only person he wanted to hear from was you. He hung up the phone without a word, placing it on the side of the bedside table again and grabbed his jacket from the side of his bed. He left the dorm, quickly telling Kyungsoo that he was going out to see someone. He walked down the street without looking at anyone.This was the first time he had ever ignored his fans, not giving them a second thought. His only focus was on getting to you. He only cared about finding you. Nothing else mattered. Nothing would stop him. He reached your apartment in record time and practically ran to the door. He watched as someone left the building, allowing him to slip in and climb the stairs up to your apartment door. He froze outside the door. Was this right? Would you hate him more if you saw him? He asked himself as he slowly raised his fist to knock. No, if it was meant to be, then it would be. He reminded himself of his own word. He knocked on the door lightly. He waited and listened. He heard nothing. Not the sound of you approached the door, not the sound of the TV or music. It was completely silent. She’s probably ignoring you. He thought to himself as he started to knock again. This time his knocks were more frantic. No, he wouldn’t accept that. He needed you. He need to apologize. He was stupid to think breaking up would solve anything. He loved you and he needed you to know that. He banged harder on the door, sure he would break it off the hinges. “Please (Y,N), please just open the door. I’m so sorry. I broke every promise I made to you. I’m sorry I hurt you. I’m sorry I said those stupid things last night. I’m sorry I wasn’t the boyfriend you deserve. I’m sorry. I’m sorry.” He continuously whispered as he sunk to the ground outside your door. I guess it wasn’t meant to be. He thought to himself as he held himself and cried; his back pressing against your door. “Kai?” The sound of you whispering his name floated to his ears. His head snapped up and he saw you standing at the end of the hall with tears in your own eyes.
Well here you go, his pov, I really enjoy reading stories with the different pov. What about you do? Do you like the different views?

I love the different point of views because you can understand what goes through their heart tho😭😭
ooooooo the feels pls tag me in the next one pls love your work ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
aww its so heartbreaking. i do enjoy stories from different povs. makes all the characters feel like real people.
Oh, our love story. It's meant to be.
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