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Genre: Angst (Mature Content Warning) MAFIA!YOONGI+BTS
Members: Yoongi/ Suga; Reader (You); Jimin; Jungkook; Jin; JHope; Rap Monster; Taehyung
Part: 41/? Character Profiles | Video
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Summary:He had a goal and you were just one more person to crush to get to it.
Whoever had slammed open the door was gone the moment the gun went off. You didn’t bother looking over to see who it had been, you probably didn’t know them. At the moment, your eyes hadn’t wavered from Jimin’s limp body. The ringing in your ears blocked out the sounds of your cries as you tugged at Jimin’s pant leg, begging him to say something. Why wasn’t he talking? Frustrated that he was taking so long to speak you jerked on his pant leg roughly.
He released something akin to a sigh.
He was alive?
Your breath caught as your scrambled forward to look at his face, “Jimin, are-” Eyes darting away, your turned your body from him and vomited. Tears burned your eyes. You didn’t understand, he had sighed, didn’t he? He had released a breath; he should have been alive.
But the blank stare and pool of blood said otherwise.
“Oh my god..” Everything felt too closed in and it was hard for you to breath with the scent of iron overwhelming your senses. It was all too surreal. Your stomach lurched, the chalky taste of the pill that had been in Taehyung’s hand coating your dry tongue. The gun sat heavy in your hands, the metal warm in your grip. You dropped it, pushing it as far away from you as you could.
This had to be another terrible dream and any moment you’d wake up and see Jeon staring curiously at you. His wide eyes taking in every aspect of your shaken form. Or maybe you’d wake up to Yoongi; mouth set in a soft frown as he watched you mumble apologies for waking him. And he’d only pull your closer and close his eyes once more. But the sinking feeling in your gut warned you otherwise.
This was not a dream.
You had killed Jimin.
“I killed Jimin…”
Yoongi needed a gun.
He could choke people until his fingers cramped up, but that would require too much time and leave him too exposed. He needed a gun and he needed a shadowy corner. Yoongi crouched down by a twisted corpse, yanking off the knit cap on their head and pulling it down over his own. There was no point in hiding in the shadows if his hair gave him away. He patted down the corpse, angrily gripping the only weapon they had; a knife.
No wonder the idiot was dead.
Someone unknowingly walked right in front of Yoongi’s crouched form. He shot up, hooking an arm across their throat and forcing them down to their knees. His eyes darted over the startled man, “Do you have a gun?”
The man immediately nodded, slowly pointing to the side pocket of his pants. Yoongi glanced at it skeptically, “How many rounds?” He loosened his hold minutely to let the man answer. At hearing that it had a full clip, since the man hadn’t used it yet, Yoongi applied more pressure to the man’s throat.
The hand holding the knife hurled it at some burly guy rushing towards them. Embedding into his shoulder, it managed to delay his timing. Yoongi grabbed the gun, firing it twice at the burly man’s knees. Another shot was fired at the man creeping up on his left hand side and finally came to rest against the temple of the man in his hold, “One more question. I’m looking for someone..”
Across the room Hoseok could be seen tackling into Taehyung, the two of them grappling for the upper hand. Well, it seemed Hoseok easily had the advantage. Taehyung was trying to get away from him more than he was trying to hurt him. Hoseok sighed in anger, unholstering his gun and pointing it down at Tae. “Stop trying to get away.” He deadpanned, “You know why we’re here, right?” He moved the weapon away to shoot at a couple approaching men, but brought it right back to Tae. “So tell hyung where Y/N is and I’ll let you go.” Taehyung shook his head, lips curling in. He actually wasn’t sure what to do. No one expect a retaliation from Yoongi this soon. Where was Jungkook? And Namjoon? Why did it seem like he was the only one fighting?
In truth the warehouse was full of over thirty men, all on his side but, from how it sounded, Yoongi had gotten ahold of several guns and was picking off the men. Which Taehyung didn’t understand at all. Over thirty men were in here, supposedly helping, and Yoongi was able to pick them off so easily with only a gun? And to make matters worse, he was taking special care to pick off the men who were trying to restrain Hoseok. Which left Taehyung to fend for himself against the other man. Taehyung tried to work his hand past Hoseok’s restricting grip, but gave up immediately once the gun was pressed against his chin. Now would be an excellent time for Jungkook or Namjoon to make their appearance.
“Tae.” Hoseok warned, distractedly looking over at Yoongi. The gunfire had ceased and Yoongi was picking through bodies, collecting guns and setting them aside. He looked up and made eye contact with Hoseok, motioning to a darkened hallway towards the back of the warehouse. Hoseok nodded, that must’ve been where you were at.
Taehyung suddenly bucked up, throwing of Hoseok’s balance and forcing himself behind the man as Yoongi raised up his gun. Using Hoseok as a human shield, Tae finally felt like he had some sort of grip on the situation. He snatched the gun from Hoseok, holding it to his temple and forcing him up on his feet. A haughty smile was sent over to Yoongi, who rather unexpectedly fired in his direction, narrowly missing Hoseok’s leg. Surprised that he’d shoot at his own man, Taehyung doubled over as Hoseok threw his elbow back into his stomach. He turned, shoving Taehyung over onto his back before rolling him onto his stomach and planting his knee along his spine to keep him still. The gun was taken back and tucked away in Hoseok’s waistband.
Taehyung’s little rebellion was short lived.
Yoongi jogged over, placing a newly reloaded gun and a sharp knife into Hoseok’s hand. “Go find Y/N, I’ll keep an eye on him.” He ripped the knit cap off his sweaty head, ruffling his hair. Hoseok glared at him, confused at the sudden change.
“Me? You’re going to send me? She’s your..whatever, why aren’t you going?” He motioned to the door across the room “She’s that way, right? Go, I’ll keep an eye on things here.” Yoongi shook his head, kneeling down by Taehyung to pull off his belt and tie his hands together.
“I was a fucking idiot sending us out like this. We’re not ready to take on this whole organization. I’m surprised we’re not dead yet.” He hissed, “I need to make sure we all get out of here.” He rubbed at his temples,”We already have an idea where she’s at. So you find her and you get out of here. I’m going to get Jaehwa and Areum and send them out.” He snapped his fingers at Hoseok. The man hadn’t stood up, he only shook his head at Yoongi’s proposal. “Hurry the fuck up!” Yoongi snapped, “You’re wasting time-”
“Go after her then!” Hoseok countered just as loudly,”You think I don’t know this whole plan was a load of shit? You don’t think we all knew that? Jae had a fit when I told him to go in alone. He didn’t agree to anything until I mentioned that the order came in directly from you! And Areum? You fucking rejected her and about an hour later she’s following orders from you like nothing happened!” Hoseok pointed to himself, “We knew that it was bad, but we followed it anyway because it came from you. You’re the boss, we may not agree with all your choices, but we trust you. If she’s that important to you that you’re willing to risk our lives, than fine! But don’t be a bitch about it at the last minute and make it sound like you don’t want her back as much as you originally did. ]I saw the way you looked at the hallway; you’re desperate to see her. Just say it.” He sent Yoongi a scathing look, “And whether or not you really care about her, she’s Jin’s sister. We would have been here either way. She’s one of us and if you’re not going to help her one of us will.”
There was a pause as Yoongi blankly stared at Hoseok. They barely knew each other if he was completely honest. Yoongi barely knew anyone. He had been absent most of the time. His bonds with his members came from reports and video surveillance. They had never called him up or spoken to him personally until recently. Choi had been the one they had gotten a personal connection to, but even with him dead, their devotion had immediarely shifted from Choi to him.
He didn’t know a thing about Hoseok’s likes and dislikes, but could recite verbatim how many people he’s killed and sold to. Yoongi didn’t even know Jaehwa was in his organization and he had only met Areum once in passing before he hid away. Yoongi and the members of his organization were literal strangers. The only way they had communicated was through Choi and Jin, but even with all of that factored in, Hoseok still trusted him with his life. They all trusted Yoongi with their lives. They trusted his orders without question.
How had Yoongi earned such loyalty?
He had brought them all here for one purpose. So he was going to fulfill it.
Yoongi patted Hoseok’s shoulder as he stood back up, and headed towards the doors. Gun tucked into the waistband of his pants, Yoongi shouldered his way through, walking straight into a group of men preparing to storm the room he was just in. He struck the first one with his fist, shoving him back into the others as he made a run for it.
Apparently, you’d have to wait a little longer for him.

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