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Hwang Jung Eum

Born January 25 1985 Age 31 Height: 5'6 I Fell in Love with her in High Kick2 but more in love with her acting in Kill Me Heal Me and totally gone out of this world in awe with her in She Was Pretty She was actually a part of a Kpop Group Called Sugar From 2002-2004. She is about to get married. Other works she has been in: My Sister, The Pig Lady Death Bell 2:Bloody Camp Wish The relation of Face, Mind and Love Endless Love Potato Star 2013 Secret Love Incarnation of Money Full House Take 2 Golden time High Kick 3! Can you hear my Heart Giant Little Mom Scandal 1 and 2 East of Eden The last scandal of my life To My Love Lonely Bird
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@VeronicaArtino thank you ❤
I haven't seen much of what she's been in but did recently watch She Was Pretty and Kill Me Heal Me. I really liked both!
i realy like her she is the most actrees watch her dramas kill me heal my the secret she was prety and more good choice
She's one of my favs I love her acting.. And she's so gorgeous.. Congrats on her wedding.. Ji sung got married last year too..
I loved her with her rosey cheeks and messy curly hair in She was pretty. It made her adorable. 😄