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WARNING: Still no smut, I want to slowly build up to it. If you don't want smut in it I will try to write around it. Also if you want me to add something into the story I will try to put it in the story.
Both of them sat there in silence for a few moments. I'm sorry ignore what I just said! Mark yelled in a panic trying not to blush. You need to quit yelling, Jackson said before making their lips meet. Mark moves away from Jackson and covers his lips from the surprise attack Jackson made. Jackson couldn't help but smile from how cute Mark looked blushing as he covered his lips. What's so funny? Mark asked still covering his lips. Nothing, Jackson said nonchalantly. You can't just kiss someone and then smile like that! Mark yelled. Do you want me to kiss you again? Jackson threatened. Mark didn't answer which caused Jackson to close in on him again. No, Mark said quietly with regret. Then quit yelling, Jackson said teasingly. Mark started to blush without realizing. What has this guy done to me? Mark thought to himself. Mark couldn't sleep for the rest of the night and he wasn't the only one. Jackson was on the other side of the room wide awake but facing the other way so Mark didn't know he was awake. Mark, what on earth have you done to me? Jackson thought to himself before sitting up from his bed scaring Mark. Mark? Jackson said causing Mark to jump a little. Yes? Mark replied quietly. Come here, Jackson told Mark. What? Mark said in surprise. I said come here, Jackson demanded. Mark gave in and went over to Jackson. You are sleeping with me tonight, Jackson demanded. What?! Why? Mark asked slightly scared. It helped you sleep last night didn't it?Jackson asked. Wait? You were awake that entire time? Mark asked. The only thing Jackson could do was smirk which caused Mark to blush. So you think I'm cute even when I sleep? Jackson asked teasingly. That's not what I meant, Mark tried to convince Jackson. Oh really? Jackson asked. Yes really, Mark said avoiding Jackson's eyes. Then help me sleep by staying beside me, Jackson requested. Mark couldn't say no to the face Jackson was making. A face only a child would make when they beg their mom or dad for candy or a toy. Mark laid beside Jackson and not even five minutes later both of them were fast asleep.
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