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So previously, I gave out two truths and a lie about myself, with a personalized fanfic as the prize.
The time has come to announce lie and the 3 winners..... *dramatic background music*
1. I am fluent in 4 different languages.
> Lie.
> I am only fluent in 3 languages. I grew up speaking Spanish because of my parents. I learned English from my brother, and I took French at school for a long time. Currently in the process of learning Korean though! >.<
2. I have a habit of dancing in my dorm at 2 in the morning when my roommate is fast asleep.
> Truth.
> This is pretty self explanatory...... :3
3. I have never been to Disneyland or Six Flags even though I live in California.
> Sad Truth. :c
> I have never gone to these wonderful and happy places :( But I'm still wiling to go but I would love to go with someone or in a group to make things more enjoyable! Anyone living in California wanna go with me? x)
Soooo...... *drum rolls*
Congratulations to @narutobandgeek @ElishaFisher and @falme2 :D :D :D
You three get personalized fanfics of your ultimate bias! :D
For that, I need to know a few things about you.
> Your hobbies/passions other than Kpop (ie cooking, singing, dancing, netflixing, reading) <---- give me as much as possible
> Your favorite places to go (ie the library, the beach, mountains)
> Any special talents that you may have
> Your first name or nickname, either works :)
> What's your style, via clothes wise, or personality.
Basically (I should have just said that), give me a little blurb about yourself because I wanna make it as personal to you as possible :) <3
Let me know via comment wise or message me, whichever you're comfortable with most <3 :)
^ XD
To everyone else, thank you so much for liking, and commenting, and clipping, and being supportive, and just being an awesome squad!
I promise to keep getting involved and interacting with all of you! My inbox is always open! :D
Keep tagging me and I'll support y'all back 100% :D
Hopefully another game will pop up and I'll get to write more fanfics for you guys! :3
Tagging my squad! :)
Blast! The languages and Disney were what I was debating with! Congrats to those who won!! :)
Congrats to the people who won!!! ^ ^
goodness you don't know how much this made my night. It literally turned my frown upside down in less than .03seconds.