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Summary: After all the heart ache, perhaps a date will help make everything better.

Members: Jongin (Kai) x Reader

Type: Fluff/Angst

Length: 1,552 Words

“Kai?” You asked as tears streamed down your cheeks. You weren’t sure if he could hear you, but he did. His head snapped up and you could see the pain in his eyes. You were both frozen in your spots; staring at each other as though you had both been caught in the act of something illegal. He slowly rose to his feet, and you took a step back; cursing yourself the moment you did. The look of pain that washed over his face almost tore your heart apart. “Kai, what are you doing here?” You asked quietly. You knew what you wanted to hear him say. You knew what you wished to hear most of all. But you were almost scared to hear it. He opened his mouth to say something, but almost immediately closed it. You felt your heart start to sink. You had heard what he said against the door, but saying it to a piece of wood versus the real person, that would make all the difference. If he could look you in the eyes and repeat everything he just said, that would be all you would need. But he wasn’t. He wasn’t saying a word. He merely continued to stare at you. You took a step towards him, watching as he took a step back, and opened your mouth. You closed it; not even knowing what to say. You had been so stupid and now you were facing the consequences. An awkward apology that needed to be said, needed to be heard, but could not find its way out of either of your mouths. “Can I come in?” He asked, breaking you out of your own mind. You looked up at him and stared into his eyes. For a split second, you felt as though you were in a dream. Everything was still. The apartments were silent. The air felt thick, it felt like no matter how deeply you breathed, you would not get enough oxygen into your lungs. “Jongin…” You breathed. You didn’t know if you said it out loud. You couldn’t even tell if you moved your lips. But it didn’t matter. A small smile pulled at the edges of his lips. Even if you didn’t say the name out loud, he knew what you were silently saying. Your feet numbly carried you to the door. You fumbled with your keys for a moment, finally managing to get them into the keyhole, and let the door open with a deafening creaking sound. Every sound in your apartment seemed heightened thanks to the nervous adrenaline that coursed through your veins. The ticking of the analog clock in your living room. The patient dripping of small droplets of water in the bathroom. And especially the sound of your footsteps on the hardwood floor as you made your way to the living room. You took a seat on the couch and looked up at Kai to join you. “(Y/N)…” He started to say. You hadn’t meant to, but you found yourself inadvertently leaning closer to him. Your face was at the same level as his. “I’m sorry…” He whispered into the air. You were not sure if it was more for you or for him, but that didn’t matter anymore. All that mattered was the way he said the words. The words were filled with so many mixed emotions. Regret, sorrow, pain, guilt, anger, and especially love. You could feel your eyes filling with tears once again. “I’m so sorry.” You said as you threw your arms around him. You clung to him and he clung to you, as though without each other you would float into an endless abyss. You placed your head on his chest, sobbing and listening to the sound of his pounding heart. You could feel the hot droplets of tears falling onto the top of your head as he cried against your hair. “You shouldn’t be sorry. I was stupid. It was all so stupid. I never meant to say those words. My… my manager wanted me to date her and I’m so sorry. I should have told you. I just… I thought if I mad you hate me, it would make everything easier. But I was so wrong. I’m so sorry…” He continued to apologize; the words spilling out of him like water through a broken damn. You tightened your grip around him. “No, I was stupid too. I should have known that you would never do something like that. I assumed the worst of you and I’m so sorry.” You said against his chest. You felt the feeling of his hand on your back, rubbing sweet circles against your shirt as he shushed you. You chuckled slightly. You couldn’t help it. You laughed as you continued to cry. This was so stupid. None of this should have ever happened. You couldn’t stop the laughter and soon Kai was joining you. You both held each other and laughed and cried. You cried until the overwhelming emotions exhausted you.
When you awoke, the room was dark; save for the dim light coming from the lamp on your coffee table. You looked up and found the space beside you empty. Your blood ran cold as you began to fear that everything had been just a dream. Far too good to be true. But just as the thought began to creep up, it was washed away when you saw what was on the coffee table beside the lamp. It was your red dress. The same form fitting red dress that you had worn on your one year anniversary. Beside it was a small note. You picked it up, and all it said was a time and address. The words were written in the familiar scribble of Kai. You slowly dragged yourself to your feet and stripped yourself of the current clothes you were wearing and slipped on the dress. You remembered the first time you wore it. The way Kai had stared at you for ten minutes, blank faced and silent. He had been so cute; memorized by a single dress. But no, it wasn’t the dress. You knew it was you. That was the way he always looked at you. As though you were an angel that he was scared would vanish if he dared to approach you. The kind of look that girls wished to receive, but always happened to look the other way. But with him, he always made sure you saw him looking at you like that. You looked at the clock. You had thirty minutes to get to the address on the note. But that didn’t worry you. You knew your way to this place like the back of your hand. You arrived at the restaurant right on time. It was your favorite restaurant and you couldn’t remember the last time you had been hear to have a sit down meal. Usually, you were picking up food to bring back to your apartment for a date with Kai. But not this time. This time you found Kai standing outside the door in a black suit and red tie that matched your dress. He looked you up and down, his eyes lingering on your face for a long moment. He stared at you the same way he had the first time you wore the dress. He stuck his hand out for you to take, and you were happy to. The moment your fingers touched, electricity surged through you. He brought you closer to him so he could wrap his arm around you as he pushed open the door to the restaurant. “Kai… are you sure we can be out like this?” You asked in a worried voice. He turned to look at you. A small smile appeared on his face and you felt all your worry already washing away. “I don’t care anymore. I don’t want to hide you. You are the woman I love, and you are the one who I want everyone to see me with.” He announced in a loud voice at the center of the restaurant. Your eyes widened at his proclamation and your heart was starting to fill with joy. Before you knew it, you were crying again. The tears streamed down your cheeks and you felt a little embarrassed to be crying publicly like you were, but you couldn’t help it. For the first time since you started dating, he was actually taking you out. He was taking you to your favorite restaurant, in your favorite dress, and he couldn’t care less who saw you. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a necklace. It was the necklace that he had given you on your first anniversary. “I thought you might want this back…” He whispered as he held it up to your face. You smiled and turned around so he could clasp it back in place. When you turned back to face him, he placed his finger on your chin and rose your face so you were looking at him. “I promise, I will never leave you again. I’m sorry.” He pressed his lips against yours and you could hear the snaps and clicks of cameras all around you. But you didn’t care. No matter what, you were not letting this moment go.
Last part of this on, but his pov will be posted tomorrow.

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