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Summary: After all the heart ache, perhaps a date will help make everything better.

Members: Jongin (Kai) x Reader

Type: Fluff/ Angst

Length: 1,704 Words

“Kai?” The sound of you whispering his name floated to his ears. His head snapped up and he saw you standing at the end of the hall with tears in your own eyes. He froze as he stared at you. He had no idea what to even say to you. All he knew was that he had to do something. He needed you near him. He needed to talk to you. He wanted to hold you. He brought himself up to his feet quickly took a small step towards you. He stopped when he saw the way you stepped back; not being able to hide the pain on his face. He knew he had hurt you, but he hoped he had not hurt you that badly. Badly enough where you would want nothing to do with him. “Kai, what are you doing here?” You asked in a small voice. He opened his mouth. Wanting to tell you everything. Wanting to sprue out all the words that he had poured out when he thought you were in your apartment. He was unsure if you had heard him, but either way, he needed to say it again. He needed to say it to your face. He needed to see your eyes once he said it so he would be sure that you forgave him. Or at the very least, that you understood. But no matter how hard he tried, he could not form the words that had so easily came to him only moments ago. Staring at your face, the face that he loved so much, the face that he dreamed of day in and day out for the past few years, he found himself at a loss for words.You took a step towards him, and almost out of reflex, he stepped back. He hadn’t meant to. He had no idea why he would do such a thing, but he really couldn’t help it. The thought of you coming close to him almost scared him. He didn’t want to scare you off. You were like a wild deer to him, and he feared that if he came to close, you would vanish. The silence between the two of you was deafening, and he needed to break it. He needed to find a way of talking to you. “Can I come in?” He asked in a quiet voice. He was scared to actually ask. He was sure you would scoff, turn away, and close the door on him forever. The silence between the two of you was far too long. It hung over him like a cloud, making the air stuffy and his heart race. He could hear the pounding in his ears. He waited for your response, but it was as though the two of you were frozen in time. Nothing seemed to move; yet time itself was racing by. Minutes passed like seconds, while dragging all at the same time. “Jongin…” The sound of his name escaping your lips was like a match igniting the fire inside him. His frozen blood thawed and the dim world around him becoming brighter. He could not fight the smile that was pulling on the corner of his lips. He had missed the sound of you saying his real name, and it brought instant comfort and reassurance to him that maybe things were not too far gone. Perhaps he was not too late.His eyes fixed on you as you made your way to the door. Your movements were slow, and hesitant. He could tell that you were just as out of it as he was. He hated this. None of this should have happened to begin with, but now you were standing her, opening the door as though you were letting a stranger into your place for the first time. The thought almost broke his heart. But the familiar sight of your apartment, the ticking of the clock, dripping of your broken bathroom sink, and the way his feet padded against the wood of the floor filled him with comfort. “(Y/N)…” He said, but cut himself off. He let the words fall from his lips. He had no idea how he would even begin to apologize. His heart was overwhelmed with emotions. He felt so guilty, angry, pained, regretful, and most of all, filled with love as he stared at you once again. It was as though he was seeing you for the first time. He stared at the way your eyes, although filling with tears, stared at him with love. He knew he had hurt you, but despite that, you still felt love for him. “I’m sorry…” He managed to whisper. His throat felt as though it was closing up on him. Although he could not say anything more, you seemed to understand everything he was trying to say. You threw your arms around him, clinging to him and he pulled you closer. He wrapped his arms around you and clung to you just as tightly as you were holding him. You were like an anchor keeping him grounded, and he did not want to let you go. The feeling of your tears dampening his shirt broke him. His own tears began to flow as he pressed his face into your hair; breathing in your scent. “I’m so sorry.” You sobbed into his chest. Your single apology broke his heart. “You shouldn’t be sorry. I was stupid. It was all so stupid. I never meant to say those words. My… my manager wanted me to date her and I’m so sorry. I should have told you. I just… I thought if I mad you hate me, it would make everything easier. But I was so wrong. I’m so sorry…” He continued to apologize; the words spilling out of him like water through a broken damn. “No, I was stupid too. I should have known that you would never do something like that. I assumed the worst of you and I’m so sorry.” You said against his chest. He placed his hand on your back and started to rub it; needing to reassure you any way that he could. He heard you let out a sound, but he was unsure if it was from crying. As he continued to listen, he realized you were laughing. Your laughter mixed with the tears caused him to chuckle. The whole situation, no matter how sad it was, needed to be laughed at. It should have never happened, and the fact that it did was stupid. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------He held you against his chest as you fell asleep. He lightly grazed his finger over your cheek. I promise I will make this up to you. He silently promised as he slowly wiggled out from under you. He slipped out of the room, going to your bed room and rummaged through your closet. It took him a few minutes, but he finally found the red dress that he was looking for. He picked up a piece of paper from your desk and quickly scribbled down a time, a few hours from now, and an address. He prayed that you would stay asleep until he had time to get ready. He returned to the living room and folded the dress and place it on the coffee table. He also placed the note down beside it and turned on the lamp. He lightly kissed the side of your head before slipping out of your apartment. “Hey, (Y/N), was looking for you.” Kyungsoo inform him as he walked into the dorm. He gave his friend a quick nod before going to his room. He hadn’t meant to be cold, but he needed to get ready if he wanted to make it in time. He quickly slipped into his black suit. “Baekhyun, do you have a red tie I could borrow?” He asked as he started rummaging through his friend’s draw. Baekhyun came over and pulled one out for him. “What are you so dressed up for?” He asked Kai as he helped him straighten the tie.Kai didn’t really respond to him, simply mumbling a thank you, before dashing out of the dorm. He didn’t feel the need to explain himself at the moment. Everyone would know the truth soon enough. He arrived at the restaurant nearly thirty minutes early. He stood near the door, fidgeting as he waited for you. He prayed that you wouldn’t decide that this was a bad idea. But just as he began to give up, he saw you approaching. His eyes were glued to you. The image of you in the red dress that you had worn on your first year anniversary sent shivers down his back. You looked just as angelic as you had the first time he saw you in it. He stretched his hand out towards you, almost sighing in relief when you took it. . “Kai… are you sure we can be out like this?” You asked in a worried voice. He turned to look at you. A small smile appeared on his face and you felt all your worry already washing away. “I don’t care anymore. I don’t want to hide you. You are the woman I love, and you are the one who I want everyone to see me with.” He said in a loud voice; not caring who heard him. He couldn’t help but smile when he saw the tears falling down your cheeks.He reached into his pocket and pulled out a necklace; having almost forgotten about it. It was the necklace that he had given you on your first anniversary. “I thought you might want this back…” He whispered as he held it up to your face. You smiled and turned around. His hands were shaking as he tried to clasp it back in place. When you turned back to face him, he placed his finger on your chin and rose your face so you were looking at him. “I promise, I will never leave you again. I’m sorry.” He pressed his lips against yours and he could hear the snaps and clicks of cameras all around you. But he didn’t care. No matter what, he was not letting this moment go.
Ok last on for this one. His pov and yours.

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Love how it ended!