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That's right you lucky peoples! Yours truly has pushed out an update! "What? An update? You're so amazing Alexander Beta!" Aww, shucks. Thanks guys! ;P Anywho! Where was I... OH, YES! The update! What does this update include? Honestly... not that much. I know that I'm suppose to make these things sound amazing, but it really isn't easy when all I did was correct some spelling errors. Wait a second... I have received news that I did not just fix some spelling errors... no, there's a whole new page to this report! That's right folks! I have also made a new "News" page! That's so amazing! No way! Not every developer does cool stuff like that! (Just like... 99% of them). Anywho! That just about summarizes this update. Stay posted and keep drawing! Best of luck to you all, and may you reign victorious at the end of the month. Farewell the amazing artists of Vingle!
Follow the Artist Hours collection in order to stay up to date! And make sure to send me your artwork and it may be featured! We're also almost halfway through the month! I sure hope you all are racking up points by now! If not, never fear! You can catch up using the points you get from Tasks! I can't wait to see everything you guys and gals have made!!!
Aaaaaannnndddd I'mma gunna tag everyone who took interest in the introduction card. If you want to be taken off this list, just add a comment. If you want to be added to this list, just comment. Thanks again for all ya'lls support!
@InVinsybll Your choice! You could even email it to me it you wanted! It just needs to get to me in some way shape or form.
interesting. so if I make some art, do Isend it on to you or tag you in a carD?
@AlexanderBeta Thumbs-up xD Thank you for the information! :D
@ardo Hope that helped clear things up a bit. 😊 If you have any other questions, feel free to ask them!
@ardo Well basically, at the end of each month you all send me in your scores, and I declare the winner. Then you start back at 0, and work your way up again trying to have the most points next month. So on so fourth. Feel free to tag me in any cards related to Artist Hours and your artwork! You can also email me and send in art and scores via the website. ( Though we do have a "Fandom of the Month", that you can do artwork for and receive five extra points per piece, there is no real theme. Basically, the website is a tool to help you feel motivated to practice your art skills, by adding a competitive element to it. The more time you practice, the more points you get, the closer to first you get.
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