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**Requested by @IGot7Forever and @tiffany1922**
Some fluff with the most beautiful unicorn out there. ^.^ Hope you enjoy!!
Its past ten o’clock when you finally get off of work and to your luck the bus you usually take home passes right in front of your nose as you run behind it, waving your hands in a vain attempt to get the driver to stop.
He doesn’t of course, so you’re left standing and waiting alone on the dimly lit bus stop for another half hour. You wrap your arms around yourself, a thin cardigan wasn’t the right decision for this kind of weather, and look around to see that the street is completely empty. A sudden sound startles you and when you turn your head to look a hand grabs you from behind.
“Wha-” You manage before the hand is coming up to cover your mouth. You feel yourself being dragged away from the stop and toward a small, cramped alley space a couple of steps away. Hot breath lingers on your neck as your captor whispers into your ear in a gruff voice.
“Give me your wallet, phone, and jewelry and don’t you dare scream.” He threatens, using his free hand to press the dull edge of a knife against your throat.
You nod furiously, willing to comply as you fearfully mumble against his palm that you won’t yell- you promise. The robber lets you go, watching carefully as you open your bag and pull out your wallet with shaking hands.
Grabbing it, he urges you to hurry up and you catch the way the knife in his hand glimmers slightly in the dark. You swallow, tears prickling at your eyes, as you rummage around and curse when you don’t feel your phone in your bag.
“What’s taking so long?” He repeats and you look up in terror.
“My phone...I-I left it at work.” You explain and the man sneers.
“Yeah right, give it to me or I’ll kill you.”
You dump the contents of your bag onto the gravel and show him.
“S-see it’s not here...” You want to say, but before you know it you’r being pinned against the wall and something sharp is cutting close to the skin of your neck. You shut your eyes, and begin begging in small sobs for the man not to kill you, that you’re telling the truth really, but just as you feel the edge of the knife press deeper, the weight is yanked off your body and your eyes fly open to see the flash of a fist landing into the robbers face.
Another young man, with handsome features and dark hair, is standing over the criminal who’s sunk to his knees in pain. With a swift kick to the stomach, he knocks the guy out cold and only then does he turn to pay attention to you.
His dark eyes are angry, but as soon as he sees your small, shivering frame they turn kind and concerned. He steps toward you and you retreat in response.
“Don’t worry, I won’t hurt you.” He says in a musically soft voice, extending his hand for you to take it. You look back down at the robber who’s clearly passed out and ask quietly if he’s perhaps dead. The young man laughs and shakes his head.
“He’s not dead, though he should be after trying to hurt you. I’ll call the police and tell them that he’s here. They’ll take care of the rest.” He explains and you feel his hand take yours.
This time you allow him to pull you forward. You’re not sure what to say to your savior, but he just picks up your wallet and bag, hands them to you, and pulls you away from the scene. You turn around to see the robber still lying there, as the man who saved you calls up the police and reports what happened.
When he’s done you look up at him and are embarrassed to see him smiling fondly at you.
“My name is Lay. Are you hurt anywhere?” He says and you shake your head.
“I-I’m fine, just shocked.” You stutter and clutch your bag to your chest. “T-Thank you for saving me..” You add and Lay’s smile only grows, the dimple on his cheek prevalent as he also shakes his head.
“No, no. Don’t thank me, I should have gotten there earlier to help.”
You want to argue, but Lay checks his watch and asks if you were on your way home.
“Yes, I was waiting for the bus.”
“Ah, well it’s too late for a girl to be alone so how about I drive you home?”
You’re about to object, but Lay doesn’t have any of it. He simply tugs you along and explains that he’d feel much better if he made sure you got home safe.
After that incident, Lay gives you his number at your front door and instructs that you call him if you ever find yourself alone after ten o’clock. Like an overprotective older brother he lectures you a bit about walking around in the dark alone and you get shy when he comments on how pretty you are, even though that makes you a more attractive target.
When he does leave, he makes you promise to call him in twenty minutes just to make sure everything is alright.
For the next couple of weeks you end up staying in contact with Lay, mostly because he texts you every night to make sure work was okay and you got home unharmed. He always offers to meet you after work, just so he can be there in case something like that happens again, but you always decline though because you know how busy he is.
Your robber on the other hand, gets a long sentence in jail. Lay tells you about the good news when you meet up with him on a weekend just to hang out and talk more. It’s funny, that you made friends with the hero who saved you, but Lay is just so friendly, polite, and most of all caring that you can’t help but want to be around him more often.
Not to mention that you like how protective he is, how he can make you feel safe no matter the situation. Even though it can get a little overwhelming, when Lay squeezes your hand tightly in a big crowd and whispers for you to stay close, you feel your hurt flutter and you have to tell yourself to stop letting your feelings get out of hand.
When you finally meet one of Lay’s friends, a nice older man by the name of Xiumin, you notice that even around people he knows Lay makes sure to stay beside you and to make it clear that Xiumin (or any man in the vicinity) shouldn’t even dream of trying to pull anything funny with you.
After Xiumin leaves, telling Lay that he better get to the studio soon too, you tell Lay that it was nice seeing him like this again.
Lay, who’s holding your hand (the two of you have gotten in to the hobby of that), asks if you need him to take you home first. You shake your head and tell him that it’s okay, you can take care of yourself.
“I’m not so sure about that.” Lay frowns and you roll your eyes.
“Lay, it’s only six o’cock. Plus, it’s not like I’m going to get robbed again or anything.”
“But what if you do? What if you get hurt and I’m not there to protect you? Do you know what I’ll do to myself?” Lay steps closer to you and suddenly your peering up into the same concerned eyes that were looking at you on the night you were almost killed.
For some reason you really have the urge to kiss Lay, after all the way he’s talking and holding you right now, it makes it seem as if you two are more then just friends- it almost feels as if Lay and you are a couple.
But that can’t be right? After all just because he saved that didn’t mean anything...right?
Lay seems to be a bit puzzled by your sudden silence, but when he catches your gaze on his lips he only smiles to himself and leans in closer. The kiss is gentle, but warm and filled with emotions you’ve never felt before.
When Lay pulls back, you grip onto the sleeve of his shirt and ask shyly why he kissed you all of a sudden.
“Because you wanted me too.” He answers. “And I wanted to kiss you too, well more then just kiss you. I want to protect you. Not like a friend, but like a man.”
Your flush pink and hide your face in his chest. “Don-Don’t say things like that, it’s embarrassing...” you mumble and Lay chuckles, running his fingers through your hair.
“I’m sorry, but it’s true. If you don’t want me around though you can just-”
You push back and shake your head. “No, I want you around. Lay I need you around. You make me feel safe.”
Lay’s grin is dazzling and he leans in to kiss you once more. “Well then I’ll gladly stay around for some time. How does, forever sound?” He jokes and you wrap your arms around his neck and pull yourself up to his lips again.
“That sounds amazing." you whisper as you kiss him again feeling safe, loved, and protected.

He's so cute omg.... I'm definitely Lay trash xD

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😊😊😊❤❤❤he so sweet
Can you make a Valentine's Day Fluff with a alternate Smut ending with Kai?
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@ShadowAngel87 is this the fanfic you were talking about?
no but I like it lol