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Let me start out by telling you wonderful people that this collection is just where I show you what it's like to spend time with certain kpop bands. (for example: shopping with BTS, going to the park with GOT7, etc...) --- ❤❤ whatever you like ❤❤ --- I take suggestions from you and make them come true (that rhymed lol)
All of the members (but two) help to come up with party ideas
You can't find Suga, he is probably sleeping in his bedroom (as usual)
and Jimin helped to decorate the house for the party. He claims to be too tired to do anything else XD
As you're in the process of making cupcakes, Hobi is trying to playfully seduce you (just for a little fun)
V and RapMon run to the store and get stuck in line for almost an hour, waiting to pay for party food.
Jungkook is the DJ, and he won't stop dancing to the music, as everyone else is getting ready for the party
Jin is in charge of cooking all of the food, and he even lets Kookie taste test some of it (which is just like mama Jin)
but of course, Kookie gets hyped and wants to taste everything...so, he does. And every time you tried to stop him, he looked at you with puppy dog eyes °^° Aish Kookie. :/ What are we gonna do with you?

Don't know if that was good or not...so comment what you think ^-^

@mrsjeon @JohnEvans @jessicaacosta90 I'll see what k can do ;)
@4dalientae 😱😱😱😱😱😱
keep tagging me, it was good
@LenaBlackRose I agree with u on that one lol
Lol aww this is cute. Kookie would probably end up with a tummy ache like halfway through from all the food and Jin would be taking care of him
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