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“I’m breaking up with you.” You held the straps of the bag tighter as you stood in front of Mark. You expected a reaction, something, but Mark’s eyes remained glued on the laptop screen in front of him.You dropped the bag rather loudly on the ground. Still no response. Walking over you reached your arm open and pressed the top of the laptop down. “Hey, I was actually doing something pretty important for once.” Mark reached for the laptop beneath your hand to re-open it.“I’m saying something extremely important, if you would ever listen.” Mark paused and shot you a here we go again sort of look before releasing his hand from yours. He crosses his arm in front of his chest and sat back in the seat. You took a breath in, “ let’s break up." "Really now?” Mark scoffed and your eyebrows creased out of frustration. “I’m serious, I want this to end. Now.” You slammed your hand down on the table for emphasism. “I giving you a way out too.” Your voice came out a little softer for that end part. “You’re giving me a way out? What’s that even suppose to mean?” Mark pushed his chair back and leaned forwards on the table. “It that your version of it’s me not you?" You were frustrated because from his tone of voice you knew the he wasn’t taking you seriously. "Mark Yi Eun Tuan, let’s break up." "You thinking saying my full name will make me believe you? Stop playing, you don’t want to leave me.” Mark sat back down and rested low in the chair.“I don’t want to leave you, you’re correct.” Mark laughed at being able to see right through your lies. “But I have to, for you." "Okay, what’s this about, you’re taking this one too far. What’s this bullshit you’re doing this for me thing?" You sighed, you thought you were the oblivious one in the relationship but clearly Mark hasn’t been very aware either. You pulled the chair out opposite to him and sat down. "It started last month, at Katy’s party. I noticed something, something that I thought my mind had just conjured up.” Mark’s face remained unreadable so you continued. “That girl was there, remember, I don’t quite remember her name, it was something like Reece, Renee, Re-”“Raina,” Mark interrupted and that’s when you knew for sure this was the right choice.“Right Raina, you were chatting to her that night and I saw something within you. Something that you use to have, that we use to have. A spark, a warmth. Somewhere along our relationship you lost that, and then I lost the enthusiasm to carry on trying to find the spark alone.” You reached over the table and grabbed one of Mark’s hands away form his chest.“You don’t have to keep lying to me this way. You don’t have to feel guilty coming home late because you were with her. You don’t have to feel guilty checking you phone all the time when we’re on our dinner date. You don’t have to do that anymore.”Mark knew all that is true, and that he wanted to apologise. He also knew that an apology isn’t what you needed right now and it would only make it harder for you to leave. You eyes started to get a little watery so you stood up out of the chair and walked towards the bag on the ground. As you were about to lean over, Mark’s hand reached before yours and pulled up the bag. You try to smile at him, you wanted to leave him on a good note, not a sad one. “I thought, at one point, that I could bring you eternal happiness.” You ran your hand against his delicate face and he looked away from your glassy gaze. “Someone else has that job now, someone else will be able to do that instead.” Reaching your hand over, you grabbed the bag out of his hand and reached up on your toes to plant a kiss against his cheek. “Take care,” you patted his shoulder and headed for the door. “So that’s it? After five years of dating, all I get is a take care?” Mark’s hands were clenched against his sides. You saw that he was fighting internally. Wanting to let you go but also scared of what his new relationship with Raina might look like.“No, that’s not it, because somewhere, in the bottom of your heart, you’ll have a piece of mine. Even though, I’m physically leaving you, a piece of my heart will still be with you. It’ll hurt having to leave that piece behind, but that’s the best for you and me. So I must." Mark took two long strides until he was in front of you. He wrapped his arms around you and pulled you into a very warm hug. A hug that said thank you, I loved you, and I will miss you. A hug that you know you’ll miss a lot. "I’m So-”“Nope, don’t say it, it wasn’t you fault. It was my fault for holing on too long when I should’ve left earlier.” Mark released you and you brushed the front bits of his hair away from his face. This face, this face that you’ve kissed everyday for five years, this face that laughed and cried with you or at you. This face, this face. You let out a short huff and turned around towards the door. Your hand was rather shake when you reached out for the handle. You didn’t turn at first, there was a sudden hesitation and fear for walking out. You knew it was the right thing to do though, the right thing for him. For him, you must keep walking, so you turned the knob and kept walking.
Here is part one with Mark scenario and I really enjoyed it! Hope you do too!!

Credit: @causekpop

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