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WARNING!! Smut is in this chapter so if you don't like smut I would turn back now. This is also my longest chapter, so if you get through all of it, thank you so much for reading it and I hope you like it. I do not own any of the pictures so credit to the owners. They did an awesome job drawing these.
Both Mark and Jackson woke up to holding each other. Mark had is head laying underneath Jackson chin and Jackson had his legs wrapped around Marks and both of their arms were wrapped around each other. Jackson didn't move or pull away when he realized how they were laying but as soon as Mark was fully awake and noticed how they were he was up and out of the room within seconds. Man, I was comfortable too, Jackson whined. Jackson gets up and puts a shirt on before walking into the kitchen. Jackson walks up behind Mark and whispers to him. You're going to pay for what you did this morning, Jackson threatened causing Mark to take a big gulp. How can he say something like that so easily? Mark asked himself. We have a photoshoot today so everyone needs to look as decent as they can, JB told everyone. We always look good. What are you talking about? Well at least I do, Yugyeum bragged. Keep talking trash and see what happens little boy, JB threatened. After 30 minutes of eating and getting ready they arrive at the photoshoot. The first ones to get their pictures taken wore JB, Jr, and Youngjae then it was Mark. Even though Mark is usually shy and doesn't want to talk to anyone, he is completely different in front of a camera and Jackson noticed which made him want Mark more. After Mark it was BamBam. Mark walks of the set and Jackson grabs him and drags him into the hall then makes sure no one is watching or about to come through the hall. After he makes sure no one is around. He pushes Mark up against the wall and starts to kiss him. Mark tries to get him to stop but it's useless so he gives in. Jackson starts to trail his kisses starting with Mark's lips and slowly goes to his neck and then to his collarbone. With every kiss Jackson puts on Marks body causes Mark to make the sweetest noises. With Jackson realizing this he grabs Mark and they go to a more private area where Jackson knows they won't be disturbed. Jackson starts to kiss Marks neck again causing Mark to be intoxicated by him. Jackson starts to take Marks shirt off and without hesitation he starts to trail his kisses again starting from Marks chest and slowly makes his way down to Mark's bellybutton. Jackson couldn't hold his self back anymore. The faces Mark was making made Jackson yearn for more. Mark, I can't hold myself back anymore. I'm going to go all the way, Jackson informed Mark. Ok. Do anything you want, Mark said in a daze, still intoxicated from what Jackson was doing to his body, the way Jackson was making him feel. Jackson proceeded to take Marks pants off and then his boxers. Jackson slowly starts to suck on Marks member causing Mark to let out a small moan. Jackson then started to tease Mark's hole adding one finger at a time causing Mark to moan louder with every finger added. Are you ready Mark? Jackson asked. Yeah, Mark said. Jackson lifts Marks legs up and slowly enters Mark. Mark let's out a loud painful but pleasurable moan. Jackson slowly starts to push, letting Mark get use to it. Mark wraps his arms around Jackson's body. With ever push Mark holds onto Jackson even tighter, letting out even louder moans, begging Jackson for more. Jackson starts to slow down as he nears his climax. He began to kiss Mark on the neck and then on lips. With one last push, both, Mark and Jackson reach their climax and both let out their last pleasurable moan. Jackson falls on top of Mark from all the exhaustion Mark caused him to have. Jackson sets up a little bit and start to kiss on Mark a little more, first his neck and then slowly back up to his lips. After he finished kissing Mark, Jackson noticed the look on Marks face and it was a face that yearned for more but if they were to stay any longer someone would bound to start looking for them. Are you okay? Jackson asked Mark as they laid there for a few more minutes. Yeah I'm okay, Mark answered almost breathless. We need to go back before someone starts to look for us, Jackson said. They both got up to get dress. Marks face was beet red which made Jackson give him one more long passionate kiss before they headed back to the photoshoot. Jackson Wang, you will pay for this, Mark warned him. You know you loved it, Jackson said with a big smile. Don't think it will be this easy next time, Mark told him. So you're saying there's going to be a next time? Jackson asked with excitement. Mark began to blush again. We have to go, Mark said as he scurried out the door and back to the photoshoot. There you are Jackson! We've been looking for you, Junior yelled. Oh yeah well I had to go to the bathroom, Jackson lied. Well It's your turn for pictures so hurry up, Junior rushed. Ok I will be right there I have to tell Mark something, Jackson said. Jackson walks over to Mark. I'm thinking we proceed to round two tonight, Jackson said jokingly causing Mark to turn red again. No. Mark said sternly. Ouch that really hurt, Jackson said. The truth hurts, Mark informed him. We'll see tonight, Jackson said as he walked away with the biggest smile on his face.
That is the end of Chapter 4. I really hope you liked it. I tried to write it as good as I could I hope it's not too bad. @CallMeMsDragon @MelissaGarza @marisamusic @Izab3lla @KoreanDramaMaMa @MomoChamie @ninjamidori @AaliyahNewbell @SydneyLstrange @ChandraTorres @BBxGD
Oh MY GAAAAAWWWD!! another MARKSON. guys are going to kill me..I love you all ..all of you writers!!!!..Saranghae!
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he said no but his eyes said give me more xP
You're welcome and thank you! @tazneemhinnawi
@SaraHanna Alrighty thanks!!! Your work is amazing just to let you know! 😆
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