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" Who sell this house for you" I didn't want to look at her ugly face because I don't want her to be dead today "Lee Jong suk" "Ha............" am I deaf. did I just hear the name that I never want to hear FLASHBACK: (Lee Jong suk pov.) Appa wanted to see me immediately, hope its a good thing. I knocked on the door then went in " Ye appa what's wrong" I said " sit down son there's things I want you to finish for me" He was angry. As soon as I sat down he yelled " This f***in Sun Young came today with your Umma to say that they got married" He slapped the table hard "she's not my umma" I said "Shut up. she's your Umma weather you like it or not" he said " No she's not and never will. my Umma in Japan suffering because of you" I almost yelled "Oh that's how you're going to be......Arrasso I'll let you go back to your Umma in one condition" he said " you're not going to tell me what to do, and I'm going back weather you want me to or not" I don't want to remember how he treat Umma and cared about that b**ch. When he used to get drunk every night, and then come back to hit umma. Then he meet that b**ch he married her. After that he abandoned me and umma. one night, our door knocked there were men they took Umma from me and then they sent her to Japan. It was all Appa's doing, then they took me to him and he forced me to live with that b**ch and he said i have to make her my Umma and forgot about my mom in Japan. But no I'll take the rule of the company, and bring Umma here. I'll make that man suffer the same way he made Umma suffer. I was about to open the door but he said " You're Umma's life is in my hands. I can kill her anytime , just one phone call she'll be gone so you choose either to save her or you can just bid her your goodbyes" He gave me that betching smile. I went closer to him and held his collar " What do you want for me and Umma ha? What did we do for you to make us like that" I just wanted to take off his head right now " Just do what I say and gain your Umma's life later" he laughed. I tightened my grip " WHAT THE F*** DO YOU WANT......WHAAAAT" I yelled " Oohhhhh why so serious (oh babe GD ) just Finish Sun Young and his wife, so his daughter suffers" he pushed my hands off him "Then you can go to your Umma" he continued " what do you mean?" i was confused " Kill them make sun Sun Mi-Bya suffer. You have 2 months to do it, and if you couldn't bye bye Umma" he laughed "Anni I can't kill anyone" I said while a tear fell down my cheek " Then we have no choice" he almost picked up his phone, but I yelled "STOOP......Arrasso I'll do it" "Hahahaha that's my boy" he patted my shoulder I'm sorry Sun Mi-Bya but I gave no choice. I went to meet with a group called BTS, they're the most wanted and known gangsters in Korea. I think they'll be a good use for my plan. They're 7 the oldest is 23 and the youngest is 18 Kim Nam-joon aka Rap Monster 21 Min Yoon Gi aka Suga 22 Jong Hoseok aka J-hope 21 Kim Taehyung aka V 21 Park Jimin aka Jimin 20 Kim Seokjin aka Jin 23 Jeon Jungkook aka Jungkook 18 They all lived together in a an old building, all didn't go to school nor worked they stealed, killed, even raped. I knocked on their door not going to deny I was nervous. then suddenly one of them opened the door he had an orange kind of hair "What?" he said. Ok I don't think this is going to be easy, and for my surprise he was about to close the door but I blocked it with my foot " I need your and the crew help" I said half whining because of the pain "sorry we don't help" he said. He almost closed the door but I blocked it again "Aahhhh......please I need you to get rid of someone.....ahhh" Then he said " Oohhh now I see something. Come in welcome" he half laughed I went inside everything was a mess the house was filled with dirty boxes, clothes were everywhere The house smelled like cigarettes "here have a seat" that orange guy commanded then 6 boys came in they sat around me staring "Looks like we have some fun to do don't we" the blonde guy said while lightning a cigarette " I need you to do me a favor" I said " Just get to the point" the one with red hair said " I need you to know which is which first" I said, then the guy with blonde hair moved closer to me " Do you think we're playing around here. Just get to your f**in point or get lost already" he said " ya ya ya did I ask much I said I need to know which is which for a reason so get your ass up and tell me" I said " Hahahaha......Do you know who are you dealing with? HURRY and speak we don't have time for your shit" that black hair one said "I need the youngest first.....then we can talk man to man arrasso? So greet yourselves" they all stared at me "No need to be shy" "Hyung are we really doing this" another one with brown hair said to the blonde one " Yes you do what I say brownie Arrasso! let's start with you cutie " I pointed at the one that was going to the kitchen "Jin" he said, ok that's the oldest " Ok now what about the ginger one" I said "Jimin" he said "you brownie" I pointed at him " V " he answered shortly " you orange head" I said he glared at me "Suga" he said, Gash why so serious "You blondie" I said " Rap Monster the one you don't wanna mess with" he said " Yeah right" I commanded "You don't believe me" he laughed " Let's not play around here Ha keep your mouth shut I'm trying to work now" I said, he got up to hit me but one of them stopped him and said " Hyung stop it, he's just playing around" he said " Ohh you seem nice what's your name?" i said " J-hope" he said "Wow you do have some hope" I laughed but he glared "Ok what about you boy" I said, he gave me a disgusted look "Jungkook" he said " Ohhh your the youngest. I see how old are you" I said "18" he shortly answered " You're the one I need" i smirked " What do you mean? " Rap Mon said " Hahaha this plan will be perfect" -To be continued-
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