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Wait a second, you want us to what?
Look! Even Taeyang doesn't know.
Which one am I gonna choose?
Daesung's crying because he doesn't know how to choose.
Looks like they're tired of waiting for me to make my choice...
But see, this is what I had to choose from.
Okay, I've done it. Here's my final answer.

That's right T.O.P - my favorite era is now.

Awww, they're happy now.
What made me choose this one? If you didn't want to know, then just bear with me.
It really was a hard choice - Thank you @kwonofakind. I seem to like their songs a lot from the 2011 era. Tonight is something I can listen to 25x in a row and not be bored. They changed their look and it was reallly good. 2012 was good but they were still goofing off playing boys. Their fashion sense was at the height of being a little too out there for me.
Then I saw this pic and all I thought of was Wow, they have really grown up. Now they're men and they're starting to look like men. And they made it look good.
So I found my favorite pix of them from this era and we all know them so well now.
And my favorite images of Daesung because he is my bias and I didn't see one card dedicated to him yesterday. I love him in the Stray Cats shirt.
Some of my favorite moments from MVs.
Sober was my favorite song. This is them in Malaysia. My baby's on the drums. Look.
G-Dragon's a little embarrassed, but I'm sure they know I made the right choice.
Thank you for reading!
And End.
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■□■You and @BBXGD have been entered for the Big Bang Community Giveaway■□■ . . This card really hit me in the feels ~(^.^)~ and it was actually one of these reasons that I wanted to do favorite era....because it makes you think about how far they've come and remember the good times and the all laughs we've shared with them ♡
2 years ago·Reply
this is tough but yay MADE is also my fav era! the boy hv finally grown into men which are soooo sexy! btw, which era was it with the pic that GD in a furry hat and Taeyang in army jacket? can't figure that out...
2 years ago·Reply
@katyng52 2011. Furry hat w patches? Tonight MV.
2 years ago·Reply
@KDSnKJH omg I am such a dummy!!! I have watched that like so many times and never registered!! Thnx!
2 years ago·Reply
Beautiful choices - wonderful card!
2 years ago·Reply