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Background:The year is 2013; you have been a YG trainee for a couple of months. YG has been preparing for a new boy group to debut. Your parents aren’t particularly happy with your choice to become a trainee and they are constantly trying to get you to change your mind. You are fighting constantly to keep your position as a trainee, but when a new male trainee shows up to act as a distraction… what are you supposed to do?
*You walk into the YG training building; hair soaked and clothes wet through. Why was it always on days that you forgot your umbrella that it would rain? You check your watch; 30 minutes late*[Y/N] …fuck *You stumble down the corridor towards your dance studio. Eunji had said studio B right? You pull out your phone and put out your hand to feel for the door… but instead your hand felt the shape of a body. You look up in surprise.*[Y/N] oh… omo! I’m sorry…*You blush furiously and stare down at the floor in embarrassment.*[MH] …maybe you should watch where you’re going.*His deep, stern tone surprises you and you look up to meet his gaze. His snappy remark echoed in his expression… who was he? And why was he so rude?*
[Y/N] I said I was sorry, okay? *You answer in an equally blunt tone. You try to peer past him into the dance studio but his large frame blocks your view. A rumble of male voices is coming from the studio; you look up at the stranger confused.*[Y/N] w-why are you using this studio?*The tall stranger peers down at you with a smirk; you notice as he takes in your sodden hair and damp clothes.*[MH] because we were assigned this studio?
*Your face flushes red and you back-up flustered; you check your phone frantically… a new text.*[Eunji] - studio got switched! Studio D :3*You sigh and turn away, not looking back at the stranger. You hear a chuckle from behind you but you continue down the corridor in a mood. Studio D comes into sight and you hear the familiar feminine cackles seeping through the door; you push the door open with a sigh of relief.*[Y/N] sorry I’m so late! the subway was super busy…*Your excuses trail off into a quiet mutter as you take in the weird atmosphere of the room. There was a buzz of excitement in the air and you study their girlish expressions.*[Y/N] …oh, what’s going on?*Soojin turns to you with a grin and hugs you excitedly*[SJ] have you seen the new trainee? he’s joining team A![Y/N] another new trainee? why is YG getting more trainees in?[EJ] I’ve heard that a new boy group is going to debut…*You grab a seat next to Eunji and peer over at Seoyeon who is busy on the computer*[Y/N] a boy group?[EJ] yeah… [SJ] but have you seen the new trainee? he’s so hot! and tall!*You frown as you think of the rude stranger… but now that you considered it, he was very handsome.*[Y/N] he seems kind of… rude…*You mumble quietly. You watch as everyone turns to you shocked*[SJ] you’ve spoken to him?!*You spend a few moments explaining the encounter in detail to Eunji and Soojin; they listen intently and grin with sweet smiles. Seoyeon, the group leader, eventually pulls herself away from the computer.*[SY] okay guys… time to practice!*The four of you get into position and spend the next few hours practising a dance routine for the monthly evaluation. Your brow drips with sweat and your limbs ache by the time Seoyeon allows you to leave. You all gather your things together and start to leave the studio. As you walk with your group, their pace comes to a halt by the main door.*[EJ] damn… it’s still raining.
*You look up from your phone and sigh deeply.*[SY] are you coming back to the dorm tonight?[Y/N] no, I promised my parents I would stay at theirs…[SJ] but you stayed there last night![Y/N] I know… I’ll see you guys tomorrow*You wave at them from the door. You pull your coat tightly around you and step out into the downpour. A tall figure steps out next to you; you look up startled but the figure is covered by an umbrella.*
*You bow politely and try to move out of their way but they block your path and the umbrella moves to cover you.*[Y/N] oh… oh…*You look up to thank the kind stranger, but to your surprise it’s a face you already know.*[MH] are you trying to catch a cold or do you just hate umbrellas?
*You stand there speechless. Is this the same guy who was rude to you earlier? You try to move away from his umbrella but he takes a step in your direction.*[MH] maybe you just love the rain?[Y/N] uh… um… why are you helping me?*The stranger smiles in disbelief.*[MH] I… I just noticed you didn’t have an umbrella earlier… where are you heading?
*You try and keep his eye contact but you end up staring down at the floor due to his intense gaze.*[Y/N] I was heading to the subway station…[MH] Can I walk you there?*You look up at his face and squint with suspicion.*[Y/N] …why? Don’t you live in one of the trainee dorms?[MH] It’s cold, raining and dark… and you want to be left alone? Am I that bad?
*The stranger chuckles as your face flushes pink. You were being considerably rude.* [Y/N] no… I… I just…*Your embarrassment causes you to stumble over your words. You pause with a sigh.*[Y/N] I don’t want to inconvenience you… it’s late and… it’d be a waste of your time…[MH] a waste of my time? I don’t see it that way… come on, which direction?*The stranger guides you gently with a big hand on your shoulder, he pulls you in closer out of the rain. You feel your face heat up; every part of you wants to look up at his handsome face, but you just focus on the floor… act cool.*
*The two of you mostly walk in silence, the stranger occasionally making small talk. You answer briefly… your mind too scattered to respond properly. The scent of cologne, cigarettes and damp clothes wrapped around you like an embrace. The heat from his body warmed your side pressed against him. The sound of the rain against the umbrella drowned out any comprehensible thoughts you were having.*[MH] …so how long have you been a trainee?[Y/N] a few months.*You can see the subway station in the distance. You feel a pang in your chest as you realise that this short encounter was almost over. Suddenly you feel the rain against your skin… you turn surprised to see that the stranger has stopped walking.*[MH] do you want to go for food?
*You stand in the rain and look at the stranger with curiosity. He was tall, handsome and mysterious… and now he wanted to eat with you. You brush your damp hair out of your face.*[Y/N] Who are you?*The stranger glanced at you with a smirk from under his umbrella.*[MH] Minho… my name is Song Minho.
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Credit: @zico-mino-trash

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