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Hey Fairy Tail fans! Here's the 2nd part to pay homage to the Celestial Spirits! ❇✨♈♉♊♋♌♍♎♐♒♓❇✨
I love it when they turn into the badass Celestial Spirits.
Hope you guys enjoyed the Celestial Spirits Part 1 and Part 2 posts! I know I did!!!!
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@ReaperSteel I forgot the 13th keys name so I didn't get any photos of it. lol Don't worry I'll try to find some and put them up! (^_^) @ZacharyStewart I think all FT fans are aware what keys Yukino has. lol (^-^) you made ur point across!!!! ;-p
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@jlo0219 the 13th key is named ormisis or something like that
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kk thanks a bunches! I'll look for it!! 👍👍👍👆
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@jlo0219 cool ok
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Ophiuchus ⛎
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