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So, I found this on line after adding a beautiful tea set to my cart. I got to have it, and I figured hey, why not get some sake since I'm old enough now. Problem- I have never had it before, so I don't know what I want... Id like anything tangy or tropical flavored, but if there isn't those, then anything that isn't overwhelmingly alcohol flavored will do.
Alright so no matter what kind of sake you get it's going to have a pretty strong alcohol flavour because it's more on par with liquor than it is with wine. BUT if you get a higher quality sake like ginjo or junmai sake it'll go down smoothly. Since you are looking more for a fruit flavour I would recommend something like TY KU sake. They have a couple of different options (like junmai ginjo black, or coconut) and it's a brand that's pretty widely available. It's also not hella expensive. Let me know if this helps!
@TheMdWhitworth @InPlainSight no, please continue, this is actually very informative haha d=(´▽`)=b
@InPlainSight Mongolians don't really drink goat's milk. Goat milk isn't really a universal beverage, it's actually more popular in South America. In the "East" or Asian countries it's not as common for there to be many dairy products because of availability as well as lack of proper refrigeration.
@TheMdWhitworth Then when I need some obscure information I shall be sure to seek you out
@InPlainSight I have a lot of random knowledge on a variety of subjects haha
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