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Okay, I'm going to be honest here.
I haven't been into Kpop very long. It started off with Playful Kiss, the KDrama, and me falling in love with Kim Hyun Joong, and as I followed him to Boys Over Flowers, I YouTubed a lot of the songs that were in that drama. While I was watching a SS501 video, YouTube suggested I watch "Let's Not Fall In Love"
And that was the day I realized 3 things.
1. A new chapter had begun in my life.
2. I must hit the replay button until it breaks.
So I began to listen to everything BigBang had created.
It saddens me to know that I wasn't able to watch BigBang grow through the years, but I'm still really happy that I found them because they've helped me out more than I imagined.
Thus bringing me to my favorite era.
Why? Because I'm living in it. I'm sharing it with them, I'm in the moment with them, I'm fangirling with them. Because destiny made me wait so long to fall deeply in love with 5 damn good lookin' guys in a crucial period of my life.
This a sign. And from the moment I clicked on that BigBang video, I knew what defined me.
With all seriousness aside, let us enjoy the following moments and the many more to come! :D
I love these dorks! Dx *cries*
To all the VIPs out there, you're all my family! <3 <3
Thank you for checking out the card! *Bows*
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this is one very touching and moving card! I admitted that I wasn't a full on BB fan till 2015 (but had been listening to them/solo here and there) but 2015 the boys really did me in and did it awesomely right!!! am no leaving the boys ever! I drag to think ab the future but, hey, they will be a legacy that never dies down I am sure! 👑👑👑
I adore you even more right now because LNFIL was the first Big Bang song I ever really listened to as well and it was TOP's voice that caught my attention and I never looked back!
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@Sailynn I completely understand where you are coming from. The first time I encountered k pop k was going through some really deep and personal issues. it was Kim Hyun Joong's song Please that seriously spoke volumes to me during my roughest time. Then I encountered Big Bangs Bad Boy and instantly fell in love with 5 amazing guys whose charisma just taunted you through the screen. After that I began listening to their music and even though I couldn't understand the meaning I could feel the meaning of each word they sang through each song. It helped to carry me through. I will always be a fan of theirs even 40 years from now. It gave me a new meaning and a new beginning/ chapter that I needed and I am grateful for that! Sorry so long 💜
my favorite era for the same reason. just got here. why it took me so long to join the K-Pop world I dk. Glad I'm here though.