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So they aren't actually a new group, but I just discovered them and JJCC. They're amazing!!
This is JJCC. Cool rite!!!❤❤
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no @MelissaGarza they're two different groups
oh okay thanks just wanted to make sure.
they're,such a good,group. One member is the main host to the show pops in seoul. they were put together by Jackie Chan. their,group is called Jackie Chan Joint Cultures. (JJCC or JCJC) these guys are,really funny and great and yay for,more,people liking this,group!
OMG I love both of these groups so much!!!!! JJCC recently added 2 new members to the group!! (Yul & Zica) You should subscribe to their YouTube channels :)
I call them JACKIE JACKIE CHAN CHAN for giggles. San Cheong is my grandpa maknae baby and I love him very much. Glad to hear you've discovered them and like them! Eddy and Prince Mak are adorable and Mak's accent is lovely. :')