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Has anyone seen Elfen Lied? It is a very gory anime with the first few minutes of the anime showing nudity and gory, violence, foul language, psychological properties, child abuse, animal abuse. Yeah, pretty messed up, yet an awesome anime if you're into this type. I love it and it's easy to binge watch with only 13 episodes. Lucy is the main character who has special abilities. Her childhood was a dark place for her and then she grew up in a lab. She escapes and decapitates everyone who gets in her way. During her escape, she is hit in the head and develops a split personality, turning into the innocent childlike Nyuu, who has the mind of a 1 year old given that the only thing she can say is Nyuu and she understands very little. She is found on the beach and taken into a home by a man and his cousin. Many people are looking for Lucy to take her back to the lab because she is dangerous. That's as far as I'm going without giving away too much.
was the best one ive seen before
never piss off muu you wouldnt like muu when she is angry.
great show keep watching it
I've seen that anime I really want to see a second season
finished it just 3 days ago
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