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This week's weekly challenge from the Bulletproof Team was to complete a screenshot game that had a Valentine's theme. So here are my results! PS: Taehyung's seriously got to learn to make hearts
That's a tad surprising but it does seem like something he'd do for a girl if he really cared about her so, it's not too farfetched. Let's start Valentine's off right!
Should have gotten off your damn computer before 6 AM Namjoon. Maybe then this wouldn't have been an issue *sigh* I'll forgive you but it won't be easy...just kidding it'd probably be really easy
Hobi you could give me a handful of dirt and I'd give you a kiss for it any day. Scratch that, you could give me nothing and I'd consider your asking for a kiss as the greatest gift in the world
I could totally see him winning one of those like "break bottles by throwing a baseball at them" games. Work those arm muscles!
Ya know...I would have expected this kind of behavior from the young ones; but you Jin? I would have imagined you to be the romantic type not the "easy" type. But although I'm surprised; I'm not complaining! I'll "chill" with you anytime
Every time I do a screenshot game and there's one about getting drunk; I swear, it is always Suga. Yoongi you need to chill the eff out and take it easy on the alcohol! Learn your limits!
...how sweet. I actually think this one's adorable coming from Jungkook. Kinda glad he got that one
And the bias wrecker comes in for the steal! Well he must have something great planned that made him my Valentine out of nowhere. Maybe it's PG 13 so he couldn't mention it XD
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@SunnaWalo Then he should have said it differently and not get my hopes up XD
@MadAndrea right! You make a move and he'd be like "What are you doing?! Keep those hands to yourself, young lady!" Eventually he'd give in though ;)
@SunnaWalo Hahaha! I wish. He'd probably be in a food coma or something from dinner XD
Probably both of you lol
@SunnaWalo Yeah your right haha