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Many will prob choose 2015. Ya its true, this year they hit hard. All of their songs in MADE is a masterpiece. But I'm going a little back in time. To the time where I've started becoming A Kpop Fan. GD was the first idol I knew, But Big Bang was the first Kpop Group, which got me sucked in into this AWSOME WORLD. So everyone....My Favorite Era is....
Yup ,,, when they released the album


MONSTER was the first song and M/V I got into Big Bang. At first I will just listen to their music, but never pay attention to the members.
Then FANTASTIC BABY!!! This song got me more deeper to know who is Big Bang, and made me want to know the name of each member only.
BAD BOY and BLUE!! When I saw that they shoot this video in New York. I was surprised. (New York is my Hometown). In that point, I started to fall in love with the group.
EGO.... wow!! This song just made me ties knots with Big Bang. Where I fell in love with Big Bang. I started to know each member carefully, of who are they and what they do. Started listening to their solos and their other song they debut yrs back.
These was my moments of living a new world. When my old world was rottened. The lyrics and the love they put on each song. I can't never forget this ERA!!!
G-Dragon. (Leader and Main Rapper of Big Bang) Height: 177cm (5'9) Blood Type: A Speaks: Korean, English and Chinese Birthday: August, 18. 1988
T.O.P (Rapper of Big Bang) Height: 180cm (5'11) Blood Type: B Speaks: Korean, Japanese Birthday : November 4,1987
Taeyang (vocalist of Big Bang) Height: 174cm(5'8). Blood Type: AB Speaks: Korean, Japanese and English Birthday: May 18, 1988
Deasung (Vocals in Big Bang) Height: 178cm (5'10) Blood Type: O Speaks: Korean, and Japanese Birthday: April 26, 1989
SeungRi (Vocal and Maknae in Big Bang) Height: 176cm (5'9) Blood Type: A Speaks: Korean and Japanese Birthday: December 12,1990


Hope you enjoy this special card ~^.^~

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The five Masters

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My first song that I heard was in 2013 and I heard fantastic baby. My first Koop song ever was by Big Bang and my first bias ever was Daesung
Wow - everything you said - me too!!! <3 (^-^)
@woahdersierra 💋💋💖💖
■□■You and @KDSnKJH have been entered for the Big Bang Community Giveaway ■□■
Yes Yes me too!!!! Alive... I got in by Fantastic Baby, Bad Boy, Monster, Blue.... beside the MADE ...this was my favorite album!!!!
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