Kyungil: walks up to you and smiles
"I want to be your special Valentine today. You're beauty and personality makes me happy. I love you." kisses you gently on the lips
Sihyoung: looks into your eyes romantically
I've become attracted to you. You're my ideal type. I want you to know on this special day that I love you. hands you a gift bag
YiJeong: surprises you with a beautiful song that he wrote for you
Jaeho: sings the "Dreamer" chorus
"You are the perfect girl for me and I want you to be mine."
Dokyun: "We've been friends for a while but I've had a crush on you. Something makes you special from others. You're beautiful and lovely in every way." Suddenly does a little aegyo "Will you be my Valentine?"
Hope you liked this little cute History post.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!