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Parts : all found on card one

WARNING : Mature, gang related content

"What happened that was so horrible?"

"Himchan persuaded these two new guys to join him and caught us off guard. He put Sungmin on his knees and shot him in the back of the head."

"Oh my god. I can't believe he'd do all this over such petty reasons. He really did just snap." I can't believe the same brother who still comes home to visit on holidays has been doing all this. That he murdered someone. That he makes money off prostitutes. He's disgusting.

"Yeah. They were pretty petty."



"Can you take me to Youngjae again?"

"Seunghye, are you sure? You were just scared for your own safety not long ago."

"Yes, I need to apologize to him."

He sighs. "Fine."


As we walk down the hall there's a coldness in the way Yongguk is acting.

"Are you angry?"


"Are you sure you're not?"


"Oh okay. Because I don't want you to be mad at me."

Yongguk stops abruptly and I walk into his back. "Why'd you stop like that?"

He turns around, looking down at me with sad eyes. "I'm not mad at you. I'm mad at myself."

A small amount of moisture begins forming in his eyes, and a lone tear trails down his face.

Is he crying? Why is he so upset?

I reach out with both hands, one resting on his cheek and the other wiping the small tear away. "Why are you mad at yourself?"
"What am I supposed to say? That I don't want you to be on good terms with Youngjae; or that I want you to stay with me and talk about things besides Himchan, Sungmin, and Youngjae; or that until now I haven't felt any sort of feeling of wanting someone to keep me company or wanting to actually talk with someone in over ten years. I sound crazy."

He puts his own hand over mine, closing his eyes.

"Are you okay?"

"I'm being selfish. I'm memorizing every sensation this brings. I want to remember how small your hand is and how soft it feels. The way it gently holds my face with such care and concern. This warmth, this touch is absolute bliss. And I want to remember all of this for the rest of my life. I know I'll probably never get a chance at something like this again so I need to savor it while it lasts."

He takes my hand and holds it in his, lightly running his thumb back and forth over the top of it. He looks up at me. "I don't care if I make a fool of myself. I don't care if you don't reciprocate my feelings. I don't even care if you're disgusted. Because just having known you would make it worth the pain."

He brings my hand up to his lips and gently places a kiss on top of it. Once again, burning every feeling of this moment into his memory.

He steps forward in order to close the already small gap between us. He gently pulls my arm causing me to fall into him. Less suddenly than the first time, but equally unexpected, he puts his arms around me.


"Please just let me hold you, just for a moment. I know what's going to happen and I know I won't ever have this chance again. The chance to hold you and pretend you're only mine."

I'm utterly confused by what he's doing, I had no idea how he felt. But I'll return his embrace wholeheartedly; if it's only for a moment and it's only for this man, I will give him this chance he wants so badly.

I let myself be enveloped in his warmth and wrap my arms around him. He's a very strong person, but right now he seems so vulnerable.

He lets go slightly to look at me. "You must think I'm completely insane."

I shake my head. "No I don't, I can't blame you for how you feel. I'm just happy you were able to feel something instead of being empty."

He rests his head on top of mine, talking in a quiet tone, "How can you know me so well from how little we've talked?"

"Intuition I guess."

"Can I tell you something?"

"Of course."

"This makes me feel like I'm in an alternate world. One where I never joined a gang. One where I was normal and met a girl, then went on dates. One where I'm actually happy."

"I'm sorry."

"Don't be. I'm thankful."

"For what?"

"Despite the heartache, it's an experience I'll never forget."


I am now a puddle of feels! Please pick Yong Guk! lol
@MadAndrea I knooooow!! It kills me a little inside. Granted, I'm hoping I'll be able to meet them at a fan sign or whatnot when I move to Korea next year (I'm sure I'll be attending a few Kpop shows while I'm there). Even if it's just a couple passing seconds, it would be nice to be able to thank them for the music they have blessed us with in person.
NOOOO! Don't stop it thereeee! Love it though. Love Yongguk's character!
@MadAndre I was scrolling thru the app when I saw the card pop up. I couldn't help my self! !!! I wanna kniw who she picks
Too cute! I prefer her with Yong Guk.
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