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In this video boys where asked to hit a girl. Every time I watch this video my heart fills with pride and joy. It brings a little tear to my eyes. I hope when they grow up they still feel this way. We have to start young and keep reminding not only boys but girls that violence is wrong.
In this video girls where asked to hit a boy. As expected these girls don't want to hit him.
I really want to know how people can grow up and become violent towards one another. I am trying to ensure my son grows up to respect all human beings and all living things. I really want this world to be a place where there is no longer pain and suffering from violence. I want a world that cares about others and not just about being selfish.
When do we learn to hate, and become violent? In my core I do get angry and sometimes I want to lash out at someone but instead I just say I really want to punch something let me go find my pillow. Do not get me wrong if I was to get hit I know how to defend myself but I am not one that likes to use violence as a means. I rather use words. I rather try to talk it, hug it, or avoid the situation.
There is already enough violence in the world I am just hoping to decrease it a little; by teaching my son violence is never the answer or solution. If you are feeling angry or hurt to use your words.
I just hope he grows up to become a loving and caring human being that only uses violence in defending himself.
Plus the boy that was saying it was super adorable lol.
That "not even with a flower" quote is super cute.
@veronicaArtino. I blame you for throwing onions in my face! You've successfully reduced me to a puddle of tears. When the little boy says, "Why? Because I'm a man," I had to bury my face in a box of kleenex!
he was just totally adorable and I wanted to squish him in a hug. lol @danidee
I loved that quote too
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