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Hello Everyone~ As you all can see, I'm writing a new story! This story is a genre that I've never tried before. The genre is science fiction. The cool thing (that I think) is that I came up with almost all the names, the background, the setting (the place that is in my mind), and the different logos/symbols. Some might be known (I'm debating on whether I should use actual symbols or make up my own) I will put references on the ones I make. Just don't judge them ;-; I'm not good at them.. The story that my story is based on is well known. My story has characters that are based off of this story for example the few leads it has and the place. I've never read/seen anything of this story but I am inspired by it. The story is called,

Drum roll..


I will introduce my characters later (i don't have an official list of characters yet.) But the original characters used are Peter Pan, Wendy, Captain Hook, Siblee, the lost boys, and Fairies. Now, I have a few people in mind as to who can play these characters but I don't know exactly who to use. I decided to tell the name of the story because I need help in envisioning who I can use as characters. I was wondering if you guys can comment on who you'd like to see play these roles. (Just not Captain Hook)


Everyone except Jin for the lost boys like one of the BTS theories...😂. Either way this is sounding interesting. New fanfic theme ☺️
also tag me please
pls tag me and drum roll is my favorite *can't wait *
i think jungkook and minhyuk could be lost boys
keep me posted
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