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I just had to post this pic because it's unique. I find it really beautiful! Simple yet conveys a lot!
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@ThePervySage idk much abt cameras but i'm using the nikon d3300 which someone gifted me! It's great!
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You were gifted a pretty nice baby dslr. Have you played around with the manual settings? @humairaa
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@humairaa When you say brown skin, what shade of brown are you?
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@ThePervySage check @marshalledgar's card on frosted lips. My skin colour is the same as the girl in that pic!
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@humairaa OK, let's see if I can recall what I've learned from my years of having female friends. The Naked Urban Decay pallet, and the Two Faced chocolate bar pallet would fit with your skin tone. Foundation is hard to say because that has to be matched. You should go to MAC or Sephora see what works for you. I know MAC has some nice liquid foundations. And their lipglass (c thru, myth, pink nouveau) are nice.
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