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This is Chapter 1 of my EXO fanfic. If you missed the Prologue just click here. I hope you enjoy it.
Chanyeol woke up to the sound of fire crackling and yelling. "Oh great" he thought, "Here we go again". Chanyeol already knew what happened since this was the millionth time it occurred. He got up from his bed in his room and all he could see was smoke. "CHANYEOL!!", Chanyeol already knew who it was "Yeah, Yeah I know." With a wave of his hand the fire and smoke around the dorm disappeared. Suho came into his room looking baffled, "Are you really going to start off your first day as an Knight like this". Chanyeol rolled his eyes, he tried telling Suho the sometimes he couldn't control his power. He knew that the rest of the group has full control over their powers but he was just a late bloomer. Chanyeol laughed, "It wouldn't be normal if I didn't did something wrong". "I guess you're right", Suho laughed, "C'mon and get ready, everybody else is waiting at my dad's mansion".
As Chanyeol was packing his stuff he thought about his friendship with Suho, ever since they were kids they hanged out the most out of all the other knights. They told each other everything, it was safe to say that Suho was his best friend. Suho's voice snapped him out of his thought "I'm not going to be late because of you". Chanyeol walked out the dorm in his favorite cloak, "Then we better start walking". Suho smiled and Chanyeol smiled back, they started on their way to the mansion both excited for what the future might bring. *End Of Chapter 1*

Well there you go, I hope you guys enjoyed it. Chapter 2 will be up next Saturday!!

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