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Here I am, to break your heart before Valentine's Day.
yeah sorry can't get it through my head he died hes one of those characters you just don't want to die no.matter what he was just my character so I really fuckin wished they didn't kill him off so early or even kill him off at all sorry just can't get over his death I literally got a little memorial in my room of him
@Captpeter @MadLikeHatter I was very upset when Kamina died, but without his death, you can forget the whole underlying meaning and point of the story. It was empowering for everyone, and though he was dead, he was still living on and kicking ass to all who loved him.
@Captpeter I mean I get what you mean but I did try waymtching it again but I kinda couldn't continue without thinking about Simons brother and it kinda got to me and called quits but I guess I will try again thx
@MadLikeHatter if he didn't die simon won't be where he was in the show if you watch the episodes you see him grow as a man with kamina as his hero and learns you got to get back up no matter what but I understand I took a break after I saw it and then finish and I'm glad I did just if you finish it just be prepared for more deaths that's all I'll say
@CosmicCassidy great way to explain
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