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So today I'm extending my talents to succeeding a rodded wet curl look. NOT SURE THE OUTCOME but I want you all to part take in the process. First I'll show the products and than the uses. oh I almost forgot, Im rocking a pixie cut, but just enough hair to wet set and rod up.
The Products: 1). Hair Rinse, Bigen semi permanent, love the depth of color it brings. 2. Smooth & Shine curl mouse and wrap lotion, this will set a tight curl. 3). Small sponge rods and spiral curl rods, since I have a layered pixie I need different sizes. Now that's just the basis, I will be rinsing out the Bigen in 30 minutes, after a quick wash with Gardiner Frutis Brazilian smooth shamp and cond. and while wet GF Moroccan smooth oil for hydration. Once that's done, while hair is wet I'll be apply ample amounts of the smooth&shine products, rod and set until whole head is done. this process will take me a day, as I like it to set for a better curl, and I have no hood dryer. so lol, bare with me cont. 4). pantene pro V has a shine serum to sleek frizz and for etnic hair. lastly, finger comb curls, lay down a Lil baby hair, and Toni Braxtons look might be achieved, just take your time. when I'm complete, I will edit and post pic, and tag my beauty team. okie doke! yay.
hey gals, told you I'd show the finished product. For now I did not finger comb or style, my hair holds a natural tight curl, so while it gets old, the more I can style and eventually achieve the main pic style above.