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The Clippers are in a tight spot as a franchise.
In regards to talent, this current roster has been the best the team has seen in 25-30 years. The team has two dominant players surrounded by quality role players in the starting five.
Sadly, it seems as if that isn't enough. The Warriors, Thunder and Spurs all have equal or better rosters. The Clippers have a great coach in Doc Rivers, but this group of guys may not have what it takes to make it to the mountaintop.
The Clippers seem to be lacking the depth needed to make a run. It seems as if franchise player Blake Griffin has run into tough times with the team and many teams would trade great pieces for his services.
One of those teams that may come calling for Blake is the Orlando Magic.
Orlando has lacked a foundational superstar since trading Dwight Howard in 2012. During the ensuing rebuilding process, the Magic have gathered as many as seven young players with possible All-Star upside.
While the Magic have a handful of talented young pieces, only time will tell if any of those guys can be a superstar or true franchise player. The Clips have one in Chris Paul and Blake Griffin, so making a move for talented young pieces while keeping one of those guys makes sense for the Clippers.
The Magic could easily draw up a package of guards and forwards to meet the cap issues and talent needs of Los Angeles. The big issue that Blake plays a very exciting brand of basketball. His above the rim play fills the seats. Will the fans be okay with losing Blake to take a chance on having a better team 2-3 years from now?

Should the Clippers trade Blake for solid pieces in Orlando to acquire the depth needed to make a championship push?

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I mean considering how Blake has acted this season, I don't know if he's a team player haha