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I start notice them by their song Fantastic Baby... thinking back (below were just my first impression of them. Please do not take me wrong.) I was like... wow those boys have such a heavy make up... and who is that in the middle (GD) with such a long hair...and their clothes were so bright!!! And since I don't know any Korean... the only lyrics keep poping up was "Wow fantastic baby.. dance... boom.. shakalaka.."
Than I start to watch their other song ↝Monster↜ My impression was wow... they sure look very weird.. with even more ghostly make up!! and are they shirtless?? too... OK that was interesting. (But I really don't like Taeyang's Sushi roll hair style.) Than their lyrics make sense of why they dress like that..."Baby I am not a monster"
Of course ...I went on my full ""Search mode""" digging more on their songs. ↝Bad Boy↜ came as next... My impression was wow is this New York?? or somewhere in US.. they are filming it here... and how come all the girls in the film were not Asian??..and who is that wearing the green jacket...look like a turtle with fur on the back (that was GD by the way, I wasn't very good with their names at that time... and I m sorry, I didn't understand GD's fashion style too) And is that minty hair guy wearing a hugh skull necklace, it look heavy. (That was TOP, later became my King TOP)
Than last was ↝BLUE↜ Somehow this slow love song got me deep... They had much more clean look, I start pay more attention to their song, lyrics and their voice.. without any distraction (by the dance or the looks they had on the other MV).. I fall in love with their voices. ♡My love journal begin here and until whenever♡ Today is ★Big Bang Community 2nd Marathon★ ↝Era Saturday↜ Tag my Squad Team!!! @Kwonofakind @helixx @catchyacrayon @jiyongleo
@lovetop @SatinSkies Me too! Long hair on a guy always grabs my attention :-)
@lovetop Totally agree!!
@SatinSkies I know... I like guy with long hair... but not that long to the ground... but he is too cute.
@JamiMilsap Yes... I think is was one of their best time, until now.. they had did it again!!! with the MADE.
I am amazed at how many of us picked this era and the Alive album! Isn't it great?!
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