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Well, unless you're celebrating Valentine's Day tomorrow, many of you will be out with your special guy tonight--Saturday! With that in mind, here's a chic last-minute pretty Valentine's Day makeup look that anyone can achieve in minutes!
Besides loving her accent, I love Hollie Wakeham's videos because the style of application that she does is super easy and quick. I hope you give this look a shot. Let me know what you think and if you made any adjustments to better suit your style!
Special note to @alywoah, Have fun with your valentine this weekend! ;)
@marshalledgar @EasternShell ... I know it takes patience and practice and time. I'm not used to giving myself enough time to do that. Lol I'm always in hurry..
practice...practice...@1FallenAngel :) I think you're smart to choose your battles. Lip gloss covers a multitude of sins, and with the right powder, you can get the pigment and coverage you need. It's fresh, easy and will keep you looking your best.
that sounds really chic @humairaa
I love this look. It's soft and pretty but i would use a black pencil on my waterline and a kind of nude pink-orange gloss.
Her makeup is on point!!!!!!! I love the soft glow she was able to maintain. I also need to get me some of that white eyeliner. I've been dying to use it.
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