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Well, unless you're celebrating Valentine's Day tomorrow, many of you will be out with your special guy tonight--Saturday! With that in mind, here's a chic last-minute pretty Valentine's Day makeup look that anyone can achieve in minutes!
Besides loving her accent, I love Hollie Wakeham's videos because the style of application that she does is super easy and quick. I hope you give this look a shot. Let me know what you think and if you made any adjustments to better suit your style!
Special note to @alywoah, Have fun with your valentine this weekend! ;)
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@1FallenAngel @EasternShell The truth of the matter is, we only do what's important to us. That's not a sinister indictment at all. Just truth. So, when you say you're not accustomed to giving yourself time, it's just something that isn't very important to you--AND THAT'S OKAY. ;) truly. Now, I will say that a smear of tinted lip gloss and some mascara will take you far and it takes 5 seconds to apply! :)
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Her makeup is on point!!!!!!! I love the soft glow she was able to maintain. I also need to get me some of that white eyeliner. I've been dying to use it.
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I love this look. It's soft and pretty but i would use a black pencil on my waterline and a kind of nude pink-orange gloss.
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that sounds really chic @humairaa
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