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It's not enough to look your best on Valentine's Day--you don't want to break the bank either! Especially, if you wind up on a date with a guy that is looking to you to pay the bill (GASP!)!!!!!!! Hopefully that won't happen. But if it does, you NEED TO WRITE A CARD ABOUT IT!!
I love this look because it proves that you don't have to buy million-dollar cosmetics or major name brands to get a stunning look as you can see here by Keisha, also known as YouTube star, MakeupDoll. If you don't follow her channel, then you really need to. She can school anyone on makeup without costing you a fortune!
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WHAT scary movie?!?!?!! @1FallenAngel I love a good scary movie. Pizza--without question. No red wine for me. But a white wine, SURE!
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The Exorcist, Insidious, The Grudge.. Those that are not the gory kinds of scary movies. @marshalledgar
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The Ring for me (first one) was SCARYYYYYY
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Oh yeah another one of my kind of scary movies @marshalledgar
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This is beautiful! Love the hot pink lip.
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