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Genre: Angst (Mature Content Warning) MAFIA!YOONGI+BTS
Members: Yoongi/ Suga; Reader (You); Jimin; Jungkook; Jin; JHope; Rap Monster; Taehyung
Part: 42/? Character Profiles | Video
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Summary:He had a goal and you were just one more person to crush to get to it
The rumpled blanket from the bed was collected and gently draped over his body. You sat there, unsure of what else to do for him but cry. All you could do for anyone here was cry. You weren’t strong like Jungkook, or cunning like Namjoon or Yoongi.
You didn’t have that sly charisma like Taehyung or the intimidating presence like Hoseok.
You couldn’t sweet talk like Jin could and you couldn’t adapt like Jimin.
You were you; and you were useless.
So you cried, hands gently stroking Jimin’s side and eyes careful to avoid the staining sheets. “I’m so sorry Jimin.” You whispered. He didn’t respond of course and all you could hear were your sniffles and the ringing in your ears from the gun. It sounded like sirens, but you had never experienced that feeling before to know if it was normal or not.
Gunfire went off somewhere within the warehouse, but you didn’t bother to try to find a spot to hide. Jimin was right; it was only a matter of time. Yoongi was nowhere to be seen and Jungkook’s entire attitude to you had shifted the moment you purposefully left him behind to go with Taehyung. There was no way he’d let you return to him with an understanding perspective. You had saw the way his anger had shifted from Namjoon to you.
Going back to Jungkook was a dangerous option.
Your fingers curled into the sheets draped over Jimin, “He just takes and take and takes away..” You quoted him, smoothing your hand over his hip, “It’s only a matter of time before it’s us.” He had been right in so many other things and you were afraid that he was going to be right about this too. “Please be wrong, Jimin.” You pleaded weakly,
“Please be wrong about Jeon.”
There were shouts and screams (some close enough to cause alarm) but you sat still, tenderly stroking Jimin as if you were trying to lull him to sleep. “We were friends..” You agreed softly, “We are friends. We understood each other. You understood me a lot better than I understood myself. I wish..I wish we could’ve met differently. The way we met was bad. You had to do a lot of things you didn’t want to, but I understand. I forgive you for most of them.” You whispered, leaning down to rest your head against his hip,
“Maybe if we originally met in passing..? Or at work? We would have been close friends; I know it. We-You could have moved in with Jae and I. You and your girlfriend. I think you both would have liked it, Jiminie. It’s a small place, but it had a beautiful view of the city, especially on rainy days.” You chuckled to yourself, “I’m sure you would have been a better handyman than Jae; he barely knew how to change a vacuum filter. We could have been best friends, Jimin.” Wiping your eyes, you sat up, frowning at the red stained sheets. “Please let this be a dream…”
You knew it wasn’t and that your ramblings were making no sense. Jimin had hurt you, intentionally, several times and yet you were talking about him like he was the kindest man you’ve ever met. He wasn’t meant to die like that; not by you. You had to compensate for that somehow.
So now Jimin was practically a saint in your eyes.
He was truly the kind and understanding man who only wanted to help you like no one else would; he was the man he pretended to be.
He was the man you were pretending he was.
Footsteps rushed closer to the room. A figure darted by the partially opened door, but you hadn’t turned fast enough to see who it was. You were too numb to go check and your voice was too hoarse to shout. Either way, it was probably someone who would be intent on hurting you, so hiding in this room with Jimin was your best option. Several other heavy footsteps rushed by and a door was heard slamming at the end of the hall. Whoever they were, they were gone now. You turned back to Jimin, idly smoothing the wrinkles in the sheets. You’d make sure he was buried beside his girlfriend, he deserved that.
The warmth of his body was started to wane; tender flesh hardening under your shaky touch. Whatever false hope you had that he would magically awaken was gone. He was dead and you needed to move on. So why couldn’t you move away from him? You softly patted his side one last time, tearfully apologizing to him. Killing him was the last thing you ever had wanted to do, whether he wanted it or not.
Jeon was right about you too, it seemed.
You did fit right in the mafia.
You not only fit right in.
You belonged.
A cramp formed in your gut that had you doubling over in pain, teeth clenching tightly. You didn’t understand how these people could kill so easily. You had done it on accident and you couldn’t even breath without pain coursing throughout your body. Exhaustion pressed down on you, a sharp pain throbbing behind your eyes and never had you wanted to curl up and die as much as you did now. What were you supposed to do? Yoongi wasn’t coming back; that much seemed clear now. Maybe now that he wasn’t forced to be around you he was seeing that he really didn’t feel anything for you. That made perfect sense.
It seemed like that was what was happening between you and Jungkook.
You had angered the only man who offered you protection here; so any protection from Jungkook was slim. Jin was dead and Namjoon or Taehyung were most certainly not options. Jimin was gone too. The only thing left was to beg Jungkook for forgiveness and do whatever he asked to get back into his good favor, but was that any way to live?
Was going back to Jungkook really all you could do?
Jaehwa sat on the edge of Namjoon’s desk, boredly flipping through the various books scattered behind Namjoon’s desk. He lifted his head up briefly, to check on Jungkook. The guy had been out for awhile now and Jae was pretty sure the mission would be completed before he woke up. Seeing no immediate difference in how Jungkook look four minutes ago when he checked on him, Jae went back to his task. A rather promising book had fallen under the desk and he had to crawl under to reach it. He squatted down, huffily complaining about the distance and spluttering at the feel of cobwebs brushing along his face. Stretching his arm out, Jaehwa rolled his eyes in annoyance; his fingers barely brushed the book’s spine. He hopped a bit on the balls of his feet, head smashing against the bottom of the desk.
From his relaxed spot on the floor not too far away, Jungkook slowly opened his eyes, a smile coming to his lips. He had been awake for the last 15 minutes, but had neglected to alert Jaehwa to such. He needed to come up with a plan.
You had purposefully left him, that much was clear. Yoongi was somewhere in the building.
And he needed to make sure you two didn’t meet.
Taking down Jaehwa would be easy, but Jungkook didn’t know how many other men out there were on Yoongi’s side. He needed a barrage of men to take the warehouse by storm. A force so unexpected that no one, not even his own men, would have enough time to come up with a plan. Everyone needed to be scattered, especially you and Yoongi.
Which was why Jungkook had texted the police.
There had been no word from Namjoon or Taehyung and the sounds of gunfire had stopped. He figured it was a matter of time before Jaehwa moved somewhere where he couldn’t see him. Jungkook slipped his hand into his pocket, pulling out his phone and silencing it before unlocking the screen. A single message lit up his notification.
A message clarifying that he wanted dispatch.
Sending a quick glance to Jaehwa to make sure he was still distracted, Jungkook typed yes and his send. Languidly, he slipped the device back into his pocket and relaxed. Slipping his eyes shut, he smiled, humming softly. Response time to the warehouse only took two minutes and after informing them that two notorious mafia bosses were under one roof they were bound to send over thirty cars. They usually sent four just to apprehend himself; six if it was Tae.
The units would surround the warehouse, cutting off all exits and putting up a five block radius. Teams would guard each exit, a strikeforce storming the main room and throwing out some smoke bombs. In a few hours everyone in here would be apprehended or dead; including you and himself. And all Jungkook had to do was start yapping about his real father and Mr Mayor would have him free by morning. Just like always. With a little more twisting, you’d be free about an hour later and if Namjoon and Taehyung promised to keep you safe, they’d be out within the week on ‘technical issues’. All while Min Yoongi and his men served life sentences, maybe even the death penalty.
Jungkook had this all sorted out. He heard the faint sounds of sirens and he smirked.
He had this all figured out.
Several gunshots rang out down the hall, just outside the door and you flinched with each shot. Whatever scuffle the group was having was going to end soon and they were going to come back and most likely see you. They were going to see and you and they were going to do terrible things to you and they were going to kill you. That was the plain fact.
You curled into Jimin, wishing you could be anywhere but here.
The hall door slammed open, the sounds of shouting and dogs barkings reverberating along the walls. Several people were stomping, and the door to the room was shoved open, a man rushing in. You looked up to see the frantic eyes of Yoongi as he was tackled to the ground by several officers. They harshly pressed his face into the ground, jerking his arms behind his back.
He stiffened, trying to look up at you, “Y/N!?” Yoongi managed to focus his gaze on you. His voice, that had sounded relieved immediately shifted as more officers stormed the room and forced you onto the ground as well, “Get the fuck off her!” He hissed, “You’re fucking here for me, right?!” One of the officers hesitated, looking between you and the sheet,
“She’s bleeding and we’ve got a body, send in an EMT and a Medical Examiner.” He pulled you up, letting you sit. The officer stared down at you, hand resting loosely on his gun. In the background, Yoongi venomously spat out curses, turning his sharp tongue on the men restraining him. You stared at the man in front of you, brows furrowing.
Why did he look familiar?
He moved his hand from his gun, holding it out to you, “You’re safe.” He quietly shushed you when you burst into tears. Gently his placed his hands on your shoulders, ordering the other men to get Yoongi out of there when his voice was suddenly booming; detailed threats hissed between clenched teeth. You moved from the captain, trying to follow after Yoongi, but he held you back. Yoongi was escorted out, his voice clearly heard until he was out of sight. “What’s your name?” he started, “What happened to this man? Did you do it? Did he hurt you?”
You shook your head at the questions; he was asking so many heavy questions. The way he was staring at you was triggering something and you couldn’t stop it. You didn’t understand why either. He sighed softly, hunching over to be eye level with you,
“Who hurt you? I can’t help you if you don’t tell me anything. Why are you letting them do this to you?” That was the same thing that Jungkook had said to you once. The captain smiled at you and all you saw was Jungkook.
The build.
The grin.
The soft rasp to his voice.
It was all Jungkook. He patted your hand,
“I’m Captain Jeon, by the way. Just tell me who hurt you and I’ll make it stop.”
This was his brother.

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