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And so the Swift-Yeezy conflict returns!
According to reports circulating the web, Taylor Swift's publicist denies an warning of foreknowledge that Kanye West intended on naming the singer in his just-released "Famous" rap where he says,
"I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex/
Why? I made that b*tch famous/
God damn /
I made that b*tch famous..."
You can see a couple tweets from Swift allies above.
Tay's brother took to Twitter, and with over 355 THOUSAND followers, recorded a video response where he takes a pair of Kanye's sneakers and dumps them in the trash. Epic response!
What do you think of Kanye's latest grab for attention?!
@2Distracted he even says he has taken the blessing of his wife to say that! How the eff is that a blessing?? This guy is sick. If only i knew it from before!
It's just yesterday that i read abt how he was being an asshole in his show! He disgusts me now! He's the real bitch馃槧
Well you got to remember that he thinks he's some type of God and he's responsible for Life itself so doesn't surprise me that he thinks that! But yeah he knows how to just do enough to keep people from forgetting him! Taylor Swift should just laugh at the stupidity and let him keep making his self look bad! He does that very well too!
true, @2distracted. he's a true kardashian
He is juvenile and Im so tired of his arrogance.
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