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So I was on tumblr when I cam across this post by a HunHan shipper and I couldn't help but agree with most of these reasons. So here you go..Why ship HunHan? Here's your answer...

1. Sehun's obsession with Luhan's butt

2. Sehun's obsession with Luhan in general

3. Their not-so-subtle love for each otherβ™‘

4. Sehun is the peanut butter to his Jelly (Luhan) XD

5. They make each other happy

6. They are stuck together 95% of the time

7. Sehun's jealousy is unreal

8. They are freaking cute together~

Awe they look so cute together. HuhHan......😊😊😊
HunHan β™‘β™‘ I really miss them being together 😒 But I'll never forget them, I still LOVE them no matter what, even though their separated from each other β™‘ HunHan β™‘