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Omg!!!!! Okay, sorry for tagging you all twice, but I have a reason. I'm at work all day and phones are strictly prohibited except for certain times and places. Anyway, I really wish I could have been recorded because I'm pretty sure my initial reaction was hilarious to watch.
Sooooo, I was on break and got a notification from RealVIXX YouTube channel (I subscribed), and saw a cover by Hyuk. I was like, what?! So I clicked on it and I DIED! I hardcore fangirled not only in a public place, but at work, where people actually know me. I couldn't help it! Luckily I can fangirl quietly (a skill).
Now I have to admit something. Hyuk has been on my radar lately, ever since I finally watched the video from their Fantasia tour on YouTube "Memory" with Ravi. Holy cow!! You have to watch it if you haven't!!
Seriously! But then, he did this! He has jumped my bias list. He surpassed, Leo, Hongbin, and Hakyeon! I just love my little Hyukie! Ken is still my UB, and I don't count Ravi in this list because he is a rapper. Soooooo, Hyuk is being a bias wrecker! Lol!
hes grown a lot and im glad i could see his progress!
so freaking cute i just want to hug him
Baby hyukie:)
all i heard was my baby Ravi during the whole thing 😌
My baby is such a belieber ❤😁
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