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Top selling manga any your fav NAKAMA?
All of these are top manga's and anime for me. Since I've seen them all makes me want to read them all as well. I own about 1/3 of them looks like I better step up my manga buying game. Which means another 300+ to buy haha. Luckily I own all the lengthy ones. Anime is life!!
Crazy record charts for manga sales in 2013 alone. Just think how much manga gets sold yearly my NAKAMA? Manga 4 ever!!
One Piece = Legendary
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LOL!! How old is Kuroko's basketball? 😂I've been avoiding it for many years, but I think it's time to just take a look.
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one piece :) I enjoy Fairy tail too
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@Rockron97 it took me over 300 episodes to start liking it. I could barely even tolerate it until 100. Now I'm on episode 445... and super addicted.
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