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All of these are top manga's and anime for me. Since I've seen them all makes me want to read them all as well. I own about 1/3 of them looks like I better step up my manga buying game. Which means another 300+ to buy haha. Luckily I own all the lengthy ones. Anime is life!!
Crazy record charts for manga sales in 2013 alone. Just think how much manga gets sold yearly my NAKAMA? Manga 4 ever!!
One Piece = Legendary
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LOL!! How old is Kuroko's basketball? 😂I've been avoiding it for many years, but I think it's time to just take a look.
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one piece :) I enjoy Fairy tail too
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@Rockron97 it took me over 300 episodes to start liking it. I could barely even tolerate it until 100. Now I'm on episode 445... and super addicted.
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