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From the genius team at Colin Cowie Celebrations, comes this epic turquoise designed tablescape for a wedding.
What brings this table alive isn't the over-abundance of turquoise, which is shown only in the goblets and chargers, but it's lack of presence in the overall design. Mostly, this look is amassed in white florals, such as orchids, roses, and ranunulus. The stemware is crystal clear and the flatware is silver. Basically, all of the elements are neutral with just a pop of turquoise color here and there.
The limited pops of color make the color REALLY stand out. If everything was turquoise, you'd be overcome by the color and it'd look horrendous! A little goes a long way.
That's the trick: to make something stand out--limit its use.
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let me help you plan your wedding when that day comes @jazziejazz
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@marshalledgar ill let you know πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰
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