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This is how you enter the most magical day of your life: Your Wedding! It's also how your guests will lose their mind when they walk through a tunnel of white--hanging florals, attached to strands of crystal beads that evoke glamour, luxe and dazzling drama!
Look at the ceiling treatment! They're not just hanging--they're designed in a swirl and sweeping fashion. This wasn't just thrown together--it took a team of people to make it happen, which proves my longstanding point that you need (or should) partner with wedding/event professionals to make your dream wedding a reality.
Yes, you could do this yourself...but the end results could be dramatic, and not in a good way.
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holy moly. this is beautifulllllll
Thanks for the comment @LizArnone I love gorgeous ceiling treatments for weddings, especially when it's something other than a fabric treatment like the photo here.