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It's not a new thing, but Valentine's Day is also when couples get together with other couples and share the moment together. Church groups tend to do this a lot, but so do women's auxiliary groups and rotary clubs. Small communities will even open the community center where happy singles (we hope!) put a dinner together in honor of those who have stuck it out together.
In honor of this kind of gathering, I wanted to share these two darling cakes that are so appropriate for Valentine's Day!
The De La Rosa cakes are tiered, pink and elegantly designed. When you are putting a group Valentine themed event together you have a couple options. You can have a smorgasbord of gorgeous cakes like these or you can have one epic cake with behind-the-scenes sheet cakes on standby to serve.
Doing couples events on V-Day may not be something that you thought of before. If you want to change things up this year, you BETTER HURRY! Most are doing couples celebrations TONIGHT! hahaha Otherwise, tomorrow is February 14th. Hope you have something planned!
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So pretty yet simple. It works. :)