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This was supposed to be a comment but. the guy blocked me from commenting on his card. But there are other ways to be heard thanks to the pics art app. i could barely see the words but i just took a screenshot, put it in the picsart photo editor, pushed enhance and there you have it. so i was hoping that you and i could continue the conversation. i did not publish this to any communities.
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yes im different and believe me it is a curse and not a blessing. i get no benefit from it. i just cant be like other people. and that puts me in a category alone. even people like me are not like me. idk now its getting complicated. what i mean is i never keep my mouth shut. i say what is on my mind and even if that makes me look like a bitch i figure well everyone has to be judged for something.
I'm like that to some standpoint, but instead of saying what's really on my mind, I have to rethink it before I say it.
@EmilyPeacock. i used to do that but i realized that it didnt make a difference how i said it exept for the fact that people ignore me unless i ruffle their feathers and thats the only way i get my point across. they still dont like me but at least they heard me. i just cant ride through life on a cloud. i see things tha. disturb me and i call it out. i
I only do that around people that know me for me, and not the persona that I use for when I'm out in public. I envy you for being like that, because for me I can't do that. That's just how I was raised. I was raised to speak of what's on my mind, but to censor it so that it doesn't offend the wrong kind of people.
@EmilyPeacock. understandable.