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I bought this online and it came in the other day, its pretty cool.
Came with a necklace and ring too
@ReaperSteel Me too! I got that set, a dango, a wall scroll, a "Book of Friends," and some manga and anime for Christmas this year, and my sister got a bunch of merch too, so we had all of our friends over and we all showed off our anime merch. We even got some for each other! Anime friends are the best!
@CraigNess it was good, definitely in my top ten ans my rewatch list
@CraigNess No problem! If you wanna check it out, most people prefer Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood (remake) because the original diverged from the manga, but I suggest you check out the original series first. You can stop around episode 28 if you want (that's where it caught up to the manga, I think). I feel it goes more in depth with character backgrounds so you get more out of it.
I need this in my life.
I have that same set!
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