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I know! It’s here happy early Valentines I’m going to go see my babies this Sunday I’m so happy and excited! Here’s a Special edition in advance I wrote it extra Fluffy and Cute! I hope you guys like it! I have another announcement we have two or three chapters left I know it’s sad but I have too. Enjoy my lovely Fanatics!
Happy reading and remember! If you want clues it's on the videos that I post at the end of each part of my stories, also the pictures that I post on the beginning and end are also clues. Happy reading my lovely fanatics!!!!Also thanks again for reading all my cards and for this series too your compliments make my day really! I appreciate it! I love you all, happy reading!!!

Also, i recommend you guys to listen to this song before you start reading!

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There is a river flowing inside of me,
Will I be there then?
I want to throw my heat to you,
So that I can feel you always,
If there’s a road made just for you,
Then try to put all your heart into it,
“KAII” you screamed,
You looked around and you didn’t See him, you lift up your wrist you looked at your clock it was 3am. You get up from bed slowly you see the other side of the bed all messy you know Kai has to be home, you noticed you don’t Have any more needles stuck to your arm, you smiled but worry about Kai you get up from your bed and start to walk little by little.
When suddenly you see Kai peek from the left side of the door that was opened he softly said,
K: “Good Morning Beautiful, you called my name?”
You rub your eyes and yawn while stretching your hands to the sealing and say,
Y: “sorry I dreamt, and I yelled your name in my dream, sorry”
Kai smirks and puckers his lips saying,
K: “Aww, my Jagi was having a nightmare, aigoo”
He looks at you and starts approaching you to softly wrap his arms around your waist and lifts you up and twirls around with you and gives you soft pecks on your lips you giggle. He softly puts you down and his hands make their way to your face to grab your cheeks he squishes them softly and says,
K: “it was only a dream OK?”
You nod.
He softly Approaches your lips you could feel his warm breath of him being really close to you, you close your eyes and he slowly gives you a good morning kiss, while he giggles grabs your hand and you both start walking towards the kitchen, you ask him.
Y: “What would you like to eat?”
He smiles and says,
K: “You”
You stare at him without saying anything, you turn around and grab the refrigerators handle to open the door you start to take everything out of the fridge and you softly say
To Kai,
Y: “Babe, can you bring me my scrunchy please, it’s on the night stand”
He says,
K: “yes, Jagi” in a cute way,
He runs to the room and goes grabs it. While he was doing that you hurried and start chopping all the veggies for an omelet, you then grab another Pan to boil water to make a seaweed soup. While Kai on the other running towards the kitchen almost slipping on the wood floor with his black socks.
You giggle and just nod, in a cutely way you say
Y: “scrunchy please operation breakfast has started”
K: “Mam I need to put the scrunchy on your hair first you have a knife and water on your hands”
You both giggle and he slowly walks behind you and starts to grab your hair with his hands and tries his best to do a ponytail. While you keep chopping veggies he goes and opens the refrigerator and a gasp comes out of his mouth and he yells,
K: “Babe!!!!”
You hear him grab something and slams the fridge door.
He suddenly puts in front of your eyes a box of left over chicken. He says,
K: “Babe please put this on my, omelet”
You giggle and say to him,
Y: “yes”
You could look through the microwaves reflection of Kai’s happy face you smile and start cracking the eggs to do the omelet you turn around and he’s still behind you looking at what your doing he says,
K: “What?”
While you suddenly feel his arms hugging you from being you smile and blush, while you stirring the eggs on the bowl adding salt and pepper you feel his head slowly resting his chin on your shoulder. He suddenly gives you pecks on your neck and he says,
K: “Your look so pretty “
Y: “stop teasing me” you giggled
K: “Why would I? You’re mine, I can tease you”
Y: “Do you want orange juice or water?”
K: “I want you”
He giggles while he bites your neck.
Y: “yaaaaah! That hurt”
He puckers his lips, and you push him away from you using your arm. He suddenly starts screaming,
K: “give me a popo! Popo!!! Please!!! Gaah!!!!”
You give him a quick Peck and you tell him,
Y: “babe, please set up the table please”
K: “roger that Jagi”
You start to do the omelets and start to pour the seaweed on the broth you made, you turn the omelet and place the cooked veggies and chicken on top of his egg.
K: “it smells good!”
You smile and keep dumping the other part of the mixed eggs onto the pan, you let that cook you grab two bowls and start pouring some soup into them. You turned everything off and start placing everything on the table, while Kai patiently waiting for his plate, like a little kid.
You bring his plate and his bowl, he patiently waits for you to place your plates on the table and for you to sit down with him. You slowly sit down and smile at him and say,
Y: “I hope you like it”
K: “It looks and smells delicious”
He grabs his metal chopsticks and starts digging into everything you just look at him and love the fact that he loves food too much you giggle at him enjoying it.
He suddenly asks you,
K: “do you know what happened next after the coffee shop? When I asked for your phone number?”
You looked at him and said no.
He started talking telling you how you both met, he saw you in some events he had with his work he would see you in other places in the city and then one day he saw you at your favorite coffee shop, he would always see you every day at the same time with a big thick book, since he’s book worm like you.
He suddenly decided to talk to you, you played hard to get but cautious at the same time since he was a stranger, you left the coffee shop without any coffee you ordered he ran out to give you coffee back, he asked for your number you hesitated but you risked it and gave it to him you went home and you were screaming your lungs out saying to yourself that he finally talked to you since you’ve encountered him several times.
Days passed And he called you the long awaiting time ended you both where nervous, so you guys decided to go out for dinner it was a really fancy place you both we’re Dressed nicely like a total gentleman he opened doors and chairs for you to sit or walk through. The night was filled with laughter and deep conversations, sweet gazes and Flirty looks. You both liked each other for a long time but you both where too shy to even talk to each other so he took that step and talked to you on that coffee shop. Months passed he then asked you to be her girlfriend you accepted his propose you both had fights and happy moments, ups and Downs like every other relationship but after all that discomfort you both loved each other.
Years passed and he asked you to go on a date with him you went with him, he took you to a nice restaurant you both finished eating then you both went to a coffee shop around the corner since you both are coffee loves as well.
The day was going as Kai planned, Kai opened the car door so you could go inside he said he would take you to somewhere special. You we’re utterly surprised and you just nod with a smile on your face saying “let’s go”.
You both arrived to the destination, and he said “We are here” you look out the window and you automatically knew the smell Of it was the beach, you both loved the beach but you noticed hours ago that Kai was being nervous the whole time, you didn’t Care you just lived the moment and asked Kai if he would like to go walking on the beach he smiled and nodded at you. You both got out of the car, you took your shoes off and like a gentlemen he took your shoes from your hand and grabbed your hand and walked towards the beach.
Feeling the breeze on your face was the best feeling while you both where walking you breathe in the air and closed your eyes and enjoyed the moment when you opened your eyes you saw Kai staring at you deeply into your eyes, you smiled at him and he said,
K: “Jagi”
You stared at him and said to him,
Y: “Yes?”
He smiled and said I have something I have to say and it’s Been so hard for me these days, and over thinking this, also how to say it. Your face started change and you blurred out “Tell me? Don’t Doubt it just say it, you know I don’t Like when you hide things from me “your smile started to fade away. You deeply look at Kai into his dark brown eyes when suddenly he smiles at you back and Stops walking he faces you while grabbing your both hands you slowly see him bending down on one knee.
And he says,
K: “I love you, and all these days’ weeks’ months and years have been the best, knowing you has been a blessing to my life, and I think I wouldn’t be able to live without you, so... Would you be my partner in crime? Would you marry me?”
His eyes start to tear up and you smile like a crazy girl, and you we’re Speechless the only thing you could do was nod he playfully asked “So is it a yes or a no?” you say, “Yes” he takes out the ring out of it’s Box and puts it on your finger. You look at it and it’s so beautiful he stands up and you hug him, and passionately kiss him you both smile while kissing. He grabs your hand and walk onto the starry night with waves crashing with every step you both take.
You stare at him while he was talking all the time the memories started to project like a movie scenery.
A beeping noise runner through your ears, you could see Kai looking at you moving his mouth with his worried face, you feel your head spinning miles per hour. You suddenly slowly fall from the chair your where sitting.

(Entering Dreaming state)(Clarissa)

You stand up on the same white room a door opened with just a gap you walk towards it and open the door, you enter into an office building you see Kai with Suho, both sitting down you walk towards them you see that Suho has this folder on hand. He hands it to Kai and he opens the folder you look at it and it says your name he looks at Suho confused and asks him,
K: “Why would I kill her? She hasn’t done anything...”
Suho explains to Kai why,
S: “See that clock on your hand she has the same thing if you don’t Kill her that clock, will run out of time and you’ll Die, that means if you kill her three times she will die completely and she will no longer be in this world, do you understand?”
K: “yes sir I understand”
S: “You have two weeks”
Kai nods and leaves from Suho's office he starts walking towards the hallway and onto the elevator, he pushes the first floor button, and stands while he thinks of all the things the boss said the elevator stops and he gets out and makes his way to get some more equipment, he heads to Sehun and says to him,
K: “Bro, I Need your help for tonight spying with your baby on a rooftop to kill this girl”
He brings out the folder and Sehun nods
K: “I need you there at 11pm at this location”
Sehun gives him a 50 pack of bullets and hands him two nice silver chromed nine mill a new ear piece and a knife.
S: “I’ll see you there, and please think what you’re about to do...”
Kai just looks at Sehun and smiles,
K: “I know”
He grins and leaves he gets into the parking lot while he hears someone yell.
Y: “Heeey!!!”

(Getting out of dreaming state)

You open up your eyes and you see Kai looking at you,
Y: “Yaaaahhh!”
You push him and say to him,
Y: “what’s wrong with you, wanting to kill me to have more life?”
He giggles and hugs you,
K: “I had too since you killed me twice now we both have one life left”
Y: “you’re so mean...”
You both giggle while you both cutely wrestle with each other playfully.
Your phone suddenly rings,
You both stop playing with each other you run for your phone while you try your best to answer kai runs up to you and carries you back to bed you laugh and say to him,
Y: “yaaahh! Let me answer the phone it’s Chanyeol”
He tickles you, and you scream to him to stop he frowns and says,
K: “fine!”
Y: “aigooo cute!!!!!”
You grab his cheeks and squish them you answer the phone with one of your hands, you suddenly hear Chanyeol scream.
CH: “YAHHHHHH... we are waiting for you here there’s a meeting!!!!! Remember?”
Y: “Holy shit! That’s true gah! Ok I’ll be there in 25 minutes”
CH: “hurry up!”
Chanyeol hangs up the phone while you go to the bathroom take a shower fast, you come out of the shower and start getting dressed. You get your stuff and head out the door, you see Kai at the sofa laying down in a weird position,
Y: “I’m leaving babe see you in a little”
K: “no don’t go!”
You give him a peck on his lips and say to him,
Y: “I have too ill be over before you notice ok?”
You hug him and give him another peck on his lips, you wave goodbye and head towards the opened door you close the door and leave.
You suddenly see a car outside you grab your gun that was underneath the coat you borrowed from Kai you see the window roll down. You see Kyungso waiting for you in the car,
KY: “get in!!! We are late!”
You run, laugh, and get inside the car and say to him,
Y: “I was about to blow a bullet”
KY: “yeah I knew it that’s why I rolled the window down”.
You both head off to work. You arrive and get out of the car immediately you both start running, towards the elevator from the parking lot, you both get inside the elevator and head to the boss office, you run through the hallway and barge in the office agitated you said,
Y: “sorry we are late”
You see Sehun, Suho, and Chanyeol standing up while Suho says,
SU: “shall we start?”
You all nod, Suho hands you all a new folder with new information of a new Criminal loose. You all open up the folder and there you see a picture of Lay.
SU: “Find him and kill him”
You look at Sehun, and Kyungso they both smile.
SU: “he was working for another corporation he betrayed us so they’re are out for you four too get killed too, Clarissa don’t Forget to kill Kai, remember your mission, there is going to be a conference at this location it’s going to be a charity, Lay & Kai will be there and also Lay’s boss will be there, Dressing code Fancy. Now for the plan I am thinking of Chanyeol should be partnered with Clarissa, Sehun will be out spying out with your scope, Kyungso you have to find a way to be a waiter for this mission you’ll have to keep on update on all of them behind the scenes ok?”
KY: “will Clarissa be ok with that wound she has on her shoulder?”
Everyone looks at you and you blush,
Y: “I’m ok guys don’t mind me I’m fine”
SU: “alright, curfew is 10 PM, don’t forget to turn on your earpieces before you enter the location.”
You all nod and you leave the office to Sehun’s armory,
KY: “I need rounds and my two knifes”
CH: “I just need my two lovely Tec-9’s”
S: “you all need 50 rounds right?”
CH, Y, KY: “yes”
You all laugh and head inside the armory, Sehun gives all the things you need Kyungso
gives you a sign with his eyes,
Y: “alright I’m leaving thanks Sehun see you later”
C: “I’ll be picking you up at your home alright?”
Y: “umm ill meet you at the coffee shop one block away from my house is that ok?”
C: “yeah that’s fine!”
You leave and Kyungso leaves too behind you. You both head to the car and go back home to get ready for the event.
You arrive at Kyungso’s house and you run out to the front door and ring the doorbell like a crazy person, Kai opens the door and hugs you.
He softly kisses you while hugging you,
Y: “I missed you, let’s go shopping I need to go buy a dress for today”
K: “that coat looks cute on you”
You both giggle he grabs his car keys
While Kyungso heads inside the house, Kai say’s
K: “Hyung, I’ll be right back”
Kyungso nods and looks at both of you,
Y: “stop looking at me like that, geez”
You all giggle together, Kai grabs his other coat he had hanging besides the door and you both head out to shop for a dress. He grabs one of your hands and you look at your left hand, and see a beautiful ring and say to Kai,
Y: “I just saw I had a ring on my hand” you laugh loud
Kai looks at you and stops walking and says,
K: “you barely, knew I put that ring when I woke up I tried my best to not wake you up” he giggles
He opens the door of the car and you get in you keep looking at the ring, and said
Y: “I had a lot of memories pass through when you were explaining me how we met each other, and one of them is you proposing to me, I’m happy that you’re my fiance.”
You both smile while he turns on the car and heads off to the street he grabs your hand while driving.
“If there’s a road made just for you,
That road is right inside my heart,
If you endure through it,
Then put all of your soul into trusting it,
Holding onto you,
A river flows in me and you”.
Now let me ask you.
Will I be there then?
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sometimes your kindness doesnt kill them, it kills you.